The Best Coffee Makers For Camping – Ultimate Guide & Review

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Coffee has been here for a very long time, with most people loving their rich flavored. But not until the recent times, that coffee has become very popular among people worldwide. The coffee beans or granules always taste better due to its caffeine, and that's why it's important to have a nice coffee maker.

Portable best coffee makers for camping are always handy especially when it comes to camping or road trips. After all, how would one survive the camping or road trip without morning coffee if you are addicted to it?

Thus, I have tried to cover the best coffee makers for camping. And I hope it will be of very great help to you especially if you looking forward to purchasing one. Just go through these reviews and learn how to select the best coffee makers for camping.

Things to Consider When Purchasing the Best Coffee Makers for Camping

Like any products in the market, choosing the best coffee makers for camping requires you to have a number of factors that you will need to consider before making any purchasing.

Fit For Outdoor Use

Usually, if you are looking for the best coffee maker for outdoor use its important to know either the coffee maker uses a stove, cord or percolator. If it uses these three items, then it's not fit for outdoor use, but if it doesn't use them then it's a perfect fit for outdoor use.

Auto Flow Stop

The perfect camping coffee maker must have an automatic flow stop that will detect when the coffee cup is almost full. This is so because while camping water becomes a very rare commodity and must be used without wasting even a single drop.

Thermo-Blocks Heating System

A good camping coffee maker must always have the ability to retain the brewed coffee hotness which is made possible by this thermal block heating system. So that one doesn't have to keep heating the coffee after it's brewing. It's always important to consider this factor.

Easy Cleanup

Having a coffee maker that is very difficult to clean can always end up being dirty and disgusting. So it's always important to find a good coffee maker that will be very easy to clean. So that the coffee produced will always be of the desired quality and taste.

Removable Water Tank Capacity

It's essential to have a removable water tank in any coffee maker. The water capacity of the tank should also fit your requirements because some people prefer huge water tank capacity while other are fine with the small water tank capacity.

Recommended Best Coffee Maker For Camping

It's always recommended to choose the best coffee maker that will easily fit your desires and needs. So you have to select carefully the better of them all.

Coleman Portable Instastart Coffee Maker 

Coleman Portable Instastart Coffee Maker with Carafe and bag

Editor Rating

It has this amazing design with a very sleek finishing which makes it stand out. The color combination blends in perfectly and can brew the best coffee quality. This model is the most amazing campsite coffee maker brand.

Fit For Outdoor Use

The Coleman portable coffee maker is a perfect model for a campsite, tailgate, and barbecues because it doesn't require a stove, cord or percolator. I love using this model for my campsite since it makes me worry not about the coffee maker's energy supply.


The coffee maker is very durable and reliable. It's constructed with a very solid base, and its overall design is made to last without wearing off. I love its firm construction since it makes me trust its capabilities.

Easy Instastart Matchless Lighting

The coffee maker has an easy instastart matchless lighting that is very handy. I love using this coffee maker for camping since it doesn't inconvenience me whenever I want to use it just because I don't have match sticks.

Easy Cleanup

The carafe and filter basket of this coffee maker are easy to wash because they can be cleaned using a dishwasher top shelf. I love it since I can wash the coffee maker's parts without difficulties.

De'Longhi NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Genio

De'Longhi NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Genio Single Serve Coffee Maker and Espresso Machine

Editor Rating

A one of a kind coffee machine that has a very elegant look, and it has amazing coffee brew results. It's a great combination of class and performance. Just a must have a coffee maker for every coffee lover.

Customize Your Coffee

The coffee maker has a flow stop system that is very handy. It comes with 7 level LED that allows one to customize the coffee drink to fit almost all tastes required by different individuals.

Thermo-Block Heating System

The coffee maker comes with an adjustable temperature control that will allow the user to regulate the amount of temperatures that will fit their requirements. The system makes it, therefore, doesn't require any preheating.

Smart Capsules

The coffee maker allows one to regulate the pressure that will suit the user for making bold espresso drinks and cappuccinos. The hot and cold settings also allow one to have the right temperature drink that one desires.

Auto Flow Stop

The coffee maker has an autoflow stop feature that detects when the coffee is almost full, and then it automatically stops. I love this feature because it prevents messy coffee preparations.

Nespresso Inissia with Aeroccino, White

Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother, White

Editor Rating

With its range of colors, this coffee maker doesn't restrict an individual to one color option. It also has a very sophisticated design that brightens the kitchen and produces some of the most tasteful coffee you could think off.

Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother Included

The coffee maker comes with an aeroccino plus milk frother that is very fast when it comes to preparation of hot or cold milk froth. I always find it very handy since hot or cold milk froth is prepared by just one rapid touch.

Energy Saver

The coffee maker is pre-programmed to shut off whenever it's not in use automatically. I remember after preparing my coffee I went to my living room and without shutting it off and after almost 2 hours I came back only to find that it already shut off.

Removable 24 Ounce Water Tank

The coffee maker has a removable 24-ounce water tank that makes its refilling and cleaning very easy. When I first purchased this coffee maker, I was so worried about the way I would be cleaning the water tank and refilling it before I knew the water tank is removable.

Compact Size

With a size dimension of 4.6 x 12.6 x 9.1 inches, this coffee maker has a very compact design that will occupy much less space within the kitchen. I have never had a problem storing it away since it fits most of my kitchen cabinets.

Manual Travel Portable Coffee Machine Set

Manual Travel Portable Coffee Machine Set Espresso Maker

Editor Rating

It's a combination of elegance and class. It's very presentable yet efficient when it comes to preparing some of the amazing coffees. Trust me, and it's very durable and reliable coffee maker that will never disappoint your needs.

Manually Operated

The minipresso espresso maker is manually operated which will enable you to prepare your coffee they way you like it. I find it very easy to use this coffee maker, and its coffee is very tasteful.

Size Dimension

With a size dimension of 6.95 x 2.75 x 2.36 inches, the coffee maker will take much less space on your counter tops. Plus its smaller footprints make it possible to carry the coffee maker around.

No Energy Supply

The coffee maker is hand operated and therefore it doesn't need any energy supply. I was amazed to find out that it doesn't use batteries or electricity. So it saves a great deal of energy supply.

Water Capacity

The coffee maker has a water capacity of 70 ml or 2.35 oz. The water capacity is very handy especially since it can be used to produce enough coffee for a person. I just love this minipresso.

STARESSO Red Dot Award Winner, All in One

STARESSO Coffee Maker Red Dot Award Winner Portable Espresso Cappuccino Quick Cold Brew Manual Coffee Maker Machines All in One

Editor Rating

We all love to have a nice coffee maker that will give us that sweet coffee that will help to calm us down. So if you want a master piece when it comes to coffee making, then the staresso coffee maker will be the right make for you.


Since the coffee maker has a very simple and compact design, then its transportation becomes very easy and fast. It's very slim in size making it possible to easily fit in a camping bag.

Simple Regular Cleaning

The staresso coffeemaker has an open design that makes it very easy to clean, and no special maintenance is required at all. I love how easy this coffee maker can be when it comes to cleaning it up.

Quick Cold Brew

All coffee makers can make a cold cup of coffee, but this staresso model can make it in less than 5 minutes. I just find it irresistible especially when it comes to preparation of that cold coffee.

High-Quality Coffee

With up to 15 bar pressure, this coffee maker can prepare coffee faster than the average coffee maker. It's good when it comes to better tasting coffee because it mostly concentrates on flavor with less bitterness or acidity form the ground coffee.

Final Words

Purchasing the best coffee makers for camping can be quite challenging due to the very many brands available in the market right now.

It's strongly advised never to rush into making conclusion since the choice that you will make can end up being the worst of them all.

So just try one of these reviewed coffee makers and am sure that they will give you the best coffee quality that you wanted for a long time. Plus they are highly durable and reliable when it comes to serving you.

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