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Have you been wondering; what is the best solution to keep off dead skin and allow your body to remain smooth? Well, I am glad to inform you that today, the market is flooded with diverse scrubs for your skin but I will recommend you to choose from the following chart of best coffee scrubs on the market.

Coffee scrubs not only remove the dead skin from your body but also enhance air circulation for a healthy body skin.

Top Rates 21 Picks For Best Coffee Scrub DIY List

Best Coffee Scrub For Body, Face, Cellulite, Stretch Mark Review

You have to be a bit cautious when using the coffee scrubs on your face else they may end up causing more harm than good. The good thing about coffee scrubs is that they allow you a very simple do it yourself (DIY) formulate to bring out the beauty of your skin.

What is more, with these coffee scrubs you will get rid of the irritating acne and cellulite as well as build on your blood circulation. By reading this review, you will be better placed to secure yourself one of the finest coffee scrubs from the ones currently in the market.

1. First Botany Coffee Scrub

100% Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub with Organic Coffee, Coconut and Shea Butter - Best Acne, Anti Cellulite and Stretch Mark treatment, Spider Vein Therapy for Varicose Veins & Eczema 10 oz

This coffee scrub from First Botany Cosmeceuticals is among the best in the market today. It comes at an affordable price making it a suitable remedy for people across all status. It is 100% natural thus eliminating the side effects associated with chemically manufactured scrubs.

It is refined from organic Arabica coffee, coconut, and Shea butter thus enriching its quality and making it very effective on your skin. With this coffee scrub at your disposal, you will be able to remove stretch marks, varicose veins, smoothen your skin and build on blood circulation. 

I was very impressed to note that this coffee scrub can reduce swelling and inflammation. The moment to do away with the dead skin on your body all by yourself is now. Get yourself this natural Arabic coffee scrub and let people notice the difference. You will look younger, fresher and brightened appearance.


  • Minimal side effects and health risks
  • Effective in removing dead skin
  • Facilitate blood circulation
  • Very affordable


  • The accompanying accessories constitute extra costs
  • It may be unsuitable for sensitive skins

2. Buena Skin Coffee Scrub,  Acne & Anti Cellulite Treatment

100% Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub, Best Stretch Mark, Acne & Anti Cellulite Treatment, Helps Reduce Spider Veins, Eczema, Age Spots & Varicose Veins - 12 Oz

This product is specially manufactured by Buena Skin Company to cater for all your skin needs and provide a therapy to make your skin look stunning always. The benefits attached to the use of this product are many with the most beneficial being the removal of dead skin.

Some of the outstanding aspects you will enjoy with  this product include: Once you acquire and start using this product, you will notice a great improvement when it comes to blood circulation in your body.

The regular application of this coffee scrub on your skin leads to your skin becoming soft and very attractive to people. Proper blood circulation brought about by the use of this product will lead to your cells multiplying and replacing the dead ones at a faster rate than before.


  • Removes skin dryness
  • Has a very nice fragrance
  • Minimize swellings and inflammation
  • Reduce effects of acne


  • It is unsuitable for sensitive skins

3. Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub

Frank Body Scrub, Coconut Coffee, 7 oz

Frank Body products have always been impressive and so is this coffee scrub from the same manufacturer. This coffee scrub will guarantee you a smooth, moistened, soft and healthy skin upon its acquisition and use. It is made to perfection to ensure that it is original incorporating natural ingredients especially the Australian Robusta coffee. 

Most people will always wonder why my skin keeps looking younger and healthier and my answer is Frank Body coffee scrub! Try it today and explore the several benefits that result from using this product.

The Frank Body coffee scrub has incorporated vitamin E which as we all know is associated with healthier and soft skin. When you adapt and frequently use this product, your skin will be soft and with enhanced blood circulation due to the sea salt present in the coffee scrub. 


  • Promote soft healthy skin
  • Naturally made thus minimal health risks
  • Very effective in removal of dead skin
  • Has a good fragrance


  • Keep off if your skin is sensitive

4. Majestic Pure Arabica Coffee Scrub

Majestic Pure Arabica Coffee Scrub - All Natural Body Scrub for Skin Care, Stretch Marks, Acne & Cellulite, Reduce the Look of Spider Veins, Eczema, Age Spots & Varicose Veins - 10 Ounces

I am more than confident when recommending my friends to this coffee scrub from Majestic Pure because I have tasted the benefits of it. From removal of stretch marks, acne to softer skin, the product is just quality. The product has been made from Arabica coffee that is naturally blended with other natural ingredients to give your skin a perfect therapy.

It comes packed in a 340 gram container which is 12 oz. What you will discover from the use of this coffee scrub include:  The coffee scrub is made that it contains premium caffeine that stimulates proper blood flow to your body especially for the veins located just beneath your skin.

This coffee scrub has a hydrating effect that makes your skin looks moistened at all times giving it an attractive look when compared to dry skins. When you start using this product, it is only a matter of time before you see your skin becoming soft and healthier due to the removal of dead skin, stretch marks, and varicose veins among many other skin blemishes.


  • Proper blood circulation
  • Healthier skin
  • Moistened skin
  • Enhanced skin appearance


  • Dry when exposed to air for long thus making it difficult to use

5. Advanced Organic Coconut Hemp Coffee Scrub

Luxury by Sofia Advanced Age Defying Organic Enzyme Mask | Exfoliate & Nourish Your Skin | Unclogs Pores, Brightens Complexion | Reduce Apearance of Wrinkles | Hydrates & Moisturizes | Boost Collagen

Herbavana Company has made a significant step when it comes to producing skin care products for their esteemed customers and sure enough, the advance organic coconut hemp coffee scrub is such a product.

Get yourself one today and you will not need a second recommendation to go back and order more to give a therapy to your skin. With this coffee scrub in your house, you will see your skin growing younger instead of aging.

This coffee scrub will offer you a well-hydrated skin, smooth blood circulation and remove dead skin from your body. The product is medically tested and approved which makes the health risks involved minimal. It has a medical approval of the FDA.


  • It will restore and keep your skin hydrated
  • Effective removal of dead skin
  • Reduces skin wrinkles
  • Promote smooth blood circulation


  • It may cause more damage to sensitive skin

6. Calily Life Organic Arabica Coffee Scrub

Calily Life Organic Arabica Coffee Scrub with Dead Sea Minerals, 24 Oz. - Helps for Wrinkles, Stretch Marks, etc. - Deep Hydrating, Exfoliating and Cleansing - Achieve Smooth and Firm Skin [ENHANCED]

I will suggest this product to any of my friends not only because I like the quality products produced by Calily Company but also because I have witnessed to the numerous benefits associated with this product.

This product is made from organic Arabica coffee and infused with sea minerals which make it very effective in skin therapy. Try out this product and you will be amazed at how your skin will change.

The therapy is not limited to the skin; it will extend to improving your blood circulation. The wrinkles and spots that make you look as though you are the 40s yet you are a mere youth will disappear for good.


  • The best remedy for acne
  • Softens the skin and makes it look healthier
  • Keeps your skin nourished always
  • Facilitates blood circulation


  • The fragrance is not very pronounced

7. Mr. Bean Organic All Natural Coffee Bean Exfoliating Body Skin Scrub

Mr. Bean Organic All Natural Coffee Bean Exfoliating Body Skin Scrub with Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, and Sea Salt - Manuka Honey

I was very disappointed with other versions of skin care coffee scrubs when I realized that they were not friendly to my face until I came across Mr. Bean Body Care product. This coffee scrub will make your skin therapy a whole new experience.

It is fit to be used on any part of your body from your face to your toe. The advantages of adapting this product as your skin therapy are numerous. Your body will be free of dead skin, look healthier, younger and well nourished.

The blood and air circulation in your body will be more effective. The organic natural ingredients used to come up with this coffee scrub make it suitable for use on all your body yet give quality services. Vitamin E is incorporated to boost your skin.


  • User-friendly on all body parts
  • Removes dead skin and boost skin appearance
  • It nourishes the skin through the nutrients contained in the natural ingredients
  • Very effective skin therapy


  • Exposing it to air for long cause hardness thus impossible to use

8. Melao Arabica Coffee Scrub Exfoliating Coffee Body Scrub

Arabica Coffee Scrub - Large 21oz Natural Coffee Body Scrub - Coffee Exfoliating Scrub to Help Reduce Acne, Cellulite and Stretch Marks - Firming Action

It is well manufactured through thorough refining as well as proper packaging. This coffee scrub will make your skin stay healthy and moistened. The caffeine present works to ease blood and air circulation in your body.

The sunspots seen over your skin will disappear when you start using this product. You can apply this product to swellings around your eye as well as in places with inflammation. You will walk with great confidence when using this product since you get rid of varicose veins and acne that can cause you great discomfort.


  • Moistened skin
  • Proper blood and air circulation
  • Effective remover of dead skin
  • Keeps your skin free of wrinkles, acne, sun spots and varicose veins


  • Very reactive for individuals with allergenic bodies
  • Unsafe for pregnant women

9. Premium Nature Exfoliating Coffee Body Scrub

Arabica Coffee Exfoliating Body Scrub 100% Natural - with Sea Salt Olive Oil & Shea Butter - Acne Treatment Exfoliate Moisturize Tone Reduce Cellulite Premium Nature

Getting this product from Premium Nature seems to be among the best decisions I ever made concerning my body skin therapy. The product has worked marvelously well for me since then and my skin looks as young as that of a young lad.

This coffee scrub is made from the best Arabica coffee making its end results very satisfactory. It comes 100% natural with zero artificial colors incorporated say to enhance its appearance. Adoption of this product to be part of your skin care products will reduce any signs of aging making you look healthy, nourished and attractive all through.

The caffeine content in this coffee scrub will fight any cellulite on your skin making it firm and smooth. It consists of other natural ingredients such as olive oil, butter, almond oil and sea salt; all which enhance its effectiveness in cleaning your skin.


  • Natural with few or zero modifications
  • Made from nourishing ingredients that are good for your skin
  • Reduce aging signs massively
  • Keeps your skin free of cellulite


  • It is will work against you if your skin is very sensitive

10. Baebody Arabica Coffee Scrub

Baebody Arabica Coffee Exfoliating & Moisturizing Scrub, 10 Ounces

When am worrying about important life matters, I never worry about my body skin because I have discovered a DIY therapy. This Arabica coffee scrub from Baebody is a product I will gladly recommend to any individual struggling with skin issues such as premature aging, acne, stretch marks wrinkles and dead skin.

Made from an infusion of pure natural ingredients, this product offers quality skin therapy. The product is made from sea salt, olive oil, almond oil, Shea butter and the Arabica coffee. 

Carrying out a simple skin care therapy from your comfort of your home with this product will lead to a healthier skin that is smooth, firm and well nourished. You will also have very effective blood and air circulation in your body. Acne, wrinkles, stretch marks and dry skin will be a story of the past.


  • Made from purely natural ingredients
  • Medically tested and approved
  • Effective in removing acne, wrinkles and restoring a nourished skin
  • Better blood circulation


  • Keep off in case your skin is sensitive

11. Juniper Pure Coffee Scrub

Allure Deluxe Roseraie Best Resurfacing Body Polish and Hydrator, with Anti Cellulite action, 12 oz. Scrub and moisturizer in one. Infused with Rose and Vanilla.

What is the major challenge you have with maintaining your body skin? Wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite, dead skin, and jojoba? If these are some of the causes, I recommend you get yourself the Juniper Pure Coffee scrub that is quality assured to make your skin healthy and smooth.

This product is made from pure natural ingredients and thus gives quality services when it comes to skin therapy. It will transform your skin from dry to youthful, healthy and smooth skin that is well nourished and attractive. The coffee scrub is ideal for individuals of all ages as it is made with no addition of artificial chemicals.

The coffee and sea salt minerals present in the coffee scrub keeps your skin nourished and smooth. It has a sweet fragrance due to the presence of the cacao butter and coconut oil. The product will detoxify and hydrate your skin making it look attractive always.


  • It gives you value for money spent
  • It keeps your skin well hydrated and nourished
  • Effectively removes cellulite and dead skin from your body
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Minimal health risks


  • Messy in the shower

12. Espresso Coffee Body and Face Scrub

Arabica Coffee Scrub-Premium Face & Body Scrub.Anti-Aging Exfoliating Cleanser & Detoxifying Rhassoul Clay+Dry Skin Moisturizing Essential Oils.Fights Wrinkles & Cellulite.Top Gift Idea for Women, Men

This is one of the referrals from a friend of mine. I had shared with him how dead skin was giving me headaches and he was quick to tell me to sample the espresso coffee body and face scrub. This product is great for your body and face.

It will help you do away with the dead skin and cellulite that makes your skin appear dry and pale. The caffeine in the coffee scrub is very significant as it facilitates blood circulation in your body. It also reduces inflammation and helps you contain varicose veins which tend to bother most people when exposed.

The amino acids and vitamins E and C the coffee scrub will keep your skin nourished and keep it from aging prematurely. These amino acids when digested provide hydration to your skin.


  • Keeps your skin smooth and firm
  • Provides proper hydration to your skin
  • Promotes blood and air circulation
  • It is a source of vital ingredients required by the skin


  • It might be harmful to sensitive skins

13. Baebody Arabica Coffee Scrub Moisturizer

Baebody Arabica Coffee Exfoliating & Moisturizing Scrub, 10 Ounces

I have used several coffee scrubs from other manufacturers but since sampling this product from Baebody, I feel more satisfied with the results than ever. Baebody Arabica coffee scrub moisturizer will work magic on your skin. It will fight cellulite and keep your skin smooth and firm.

With Baebody Arabica coffee scrub moisturizer, you will reduce the stretch marks on your body significantly. The wrinkles that might make you look as though you are very old will also be gone for good on the application of this product. 

This product comes infused with natural organic ingredients which enrich your skin keeping it nourished. It contains dead sea salt, Shea butter, almond oil and olive oil. In case you are struggling with acne, and then get yourself Baebody coffee scrub and you will give a testimonial to your friends and relatives.


  • Removes wrinkles, stretch marks and acne very effectively
  • Keep the skin well-nourished and smooth
  • Fights premature aging
  • Contains nutrients rich ingredients


  • Additional accessories constitute extra costs

14. Pure Body Naturals Arabica Coffee Scrub

Arabica Coffee Body Scrub Exfoliator with Coconut and Shea Butter for Cellulite and Stretch Marks, Coffee Scrub for Eczema, Stretch-marks, and Cellulite by Pure Body Naturals, 8.8 Ounce

When out to purchase a product in the market, get one that offers you value for cash and is quality assured. One of such products is the pure body natural Arabica coffee scrub that is very friendly to your body. This coffee scrub is finely made so as to keep your skin moisturized, nourished, hydrated and smoothened.

Through the anti-oxidants incorporated in the coffee scrub, you will be able to exfoliate the dead skin on your body as well as eliminate any dirt or toxins. The caffeine component in the coffee scrub goes a long way in ensuring proper blood circulation in your body through stimulation of the blood vessels

The product is medically tested and approved to contain natural ingredients with no added chemicals thus minimizing health risks that might come along with its usage.


  • Perfect skin care against cellulite
  • It removes acne, wrinkles, eczema and keeps the skin smooth and firm
  • Minimal health risks
  • Keeps your skin well moisturized


  • Accessories’ costs make it unaffordable to some people

15. Brooklyn Botany Premium Activated Charcoal Scrub

Brooklyn Botany Premium Activated Charcoal Scrub - Deep Exfoliation, Pore Minimizer & Reduces Wrinkles, Acne Scars, Blackhead Remover & Anti Cellulite Treatment - Body Scrub & Facial Cleanser - 10 oz

The great results I got after using this product from Brooklyn Botany is what would make me recommend this product to any individual wondering what they can do to fight dead skin, wrinkles, and cellulite from their bodies. This product has been well manufactured so as to give you excellent results.

It comes with dual action formula where it uses sea salt and activated charcoal to remove any excess oils, toxins, and dirt from your skin. The dual action formula will ensure your skin is well moisturized and that the dead skin is removed thus exposing the new fresh skin.

The activated charcoal beside providing you with a smooth skin will speed up the healing of wounds on your body. This ensures that the skin spores are well exposed for better circulation. The product is very good in removing the cellulite from your skin this leaving the skin smooth and well firmed.


  • The dual formula makes it very effective in removal of dead skin
  • It ensures smooth blood and air circulation
  • It is medically approved by the FDA thus minimal risks
  • Keeps your skin fresh, nourished and with a fine texture


  • Stains your skin

16. LUVBOD Luxury Coffee Scrub

LUVBOD Luxury Coffee Scrub - Donut Glaze - w/Scoop - 12oz - Best Arabica Coffee Body Scrub Exfoliator for Cellulite, Acne, Stretch Marks, Eczema. Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Frankincense

This product is made from the best Arabica coffee which makes it among the best body scrubs especially when it comes to cellulite exfoliation. It incorporates several ingredients in its make which makes it value very high. These include the Arabica coffee, coconut oil, vitamin E, and frankincense.

When blended together, these ingredients produce satisfactory results on your skin. The caffeine in the coffee scrub will help you reduce the effects of cellulite on your body skin as well as stretch marks giving your skin a smooth healthy appearance. This product is very convenient since it can be used to scrub both body and face.

It allows you to polish your body and face leaving them free of dead skin or dirt. It is well enriched with anti-oxidants which provide your skin with proper nourishment as well as hydration thus keeping your skin firm, smooth and moisturized.


  • Natural ingredients which are very effective in dead skin removal
  • Suitable for both body and face
  • Minimal side effects
  • Medically approved by FDA


  • It may be costly to some people

17. DELUGE Organic Coffee Body Scrub

DELUGE - Organic Coffee Body Scrub, Tightens, Tones, Reduces Cellulite 100% Natural 10 OZ ++ BODY BUTTER 6 OZ

This product is on my list for best coffee scrubs because it is made from unique blend of organic ingredients to serve you right in all parts of your body. Deluge Organic is made from Dead Sea salt, pure sugar cane, coffee beans, olive oil and Shea butter. You can apply this product to your neck, stomach, knees, body, face, thighs and legs.

Its application and frequent use will see the disappearance of wrinkles from your body, stretch marks, cellulite, varicose veins, acne, detox, eczema, and sunspots. With this product at your disposal, you will carry out a DIY home therapy for your skin keeping it fresh, nourished, moisturized and smooth.


  • Has anti-aging effect
  • Keeps the body skin free of cellulite
  • Reduces inflammations, swellings, and wrinkles
  • It can be used on any part of the body


  • Difficult to spread
  • Bad smell

18. Tree Hut Firming Sugar Scrub

Tree Hut Sugar Scrub Mocha & Coffee Bean, 18oz, Ultra Hydrating and Exfoliating Scrub for Nourishing Essential Body Care

Let dead skin or cellulite become a thing of the past by acquiring the tree hut firming sugar scrub. This product is made from organic Shea butter and caffeinated from the best coffee so as to keep your skin fresh and moisturized.

It has a great combination of natural ingredients such as safflower seed oil, orange oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil and evening primrose oil. These make your skin stay nourished all times. The sugar will aid you to polish away the dead skin and the cellulite leaving a soft smoothened skin.


  • Has a great combination of ingredients which enrich your skin
  • Fights away dead skin and cellulite
  • It keeps your skin hydrated
  • It repairs damaged skin


  • Keep off if you have a sensitive skin

19. Thrive Natural Face Scrub for Men

All Natural Face Scrub for Men & Women - Exfoliating Face Wash Improves Skin Texture, Unclogs Pores, Helps Prevent Blackheads & Ingrown Hairs - Made In USA - Vegan Facial Scrub Women & Mens Exfoliator

If you are a man looking for an amazing coffee scrub with natural ingredients, Thrive Natural scrub is here for you. This is the perfect solution for men trying hard to cope with dead skin and cellulite on their bodies.

The Thrive natural face scrub which is made from premium plant-based ingredients that are natural will energize and keep your skin safe. Exfoliates in this product will keep your skin fresh, smooth, moisturized and free of dead skin. Your genera appearance will improve greatly when you apply this product. 


  • Minimal health risks
  • Nutrients rich ingredients
  • Effective remover for dead skin and cellulite
  • Keep the skin nourished and hydrated


  • Customized to suit the needs of men

20. Premium Activated Charcoal Natural Minimizer

Brooklyn Botany Premium Activated Charcoal Scrub - Deep Exfoliation, Pore Minimizer & Reduces Wrinkles, Acne Scars, Blackhead Remover & Anti Cellulite Treatment - Body Scrub & Facial Cleanser - 10 oz

Skin care therapy will become a very effective DIY exercise for you when using the premium activated charcoal natural minimizer. This product is made from a combination of Dead Sea salts, premium charcoal and infused with caffeine from the best coffee so as to give you satisfying results.

The coffee scrub will work well on your body and face to remove dead skin, cellulite, dirt and any toxins that might be making your skin look prematurely old and dry. Your skin will be nourished, firmed, smoothened and hydrated.


  • Smoothenes the skin
  • Nice skin appearance
  • Fights dead skin
  • Keep the skin well-nourished and hydrated


  • It is too oily​

21. SomeONE Original Anti-Cellulite Kona Coffee Body Scrub

someONE Original Anti Cellulite Kona Coffee Body Scrub with Dead Sea Salts - 24oz - All Natural (Original Fragrance) Coffee Scrubs Are Great Body Scrubs for Reducing Cellulite and Stretch Marks

There are so many scrubs out there but not all of them provide you with the best results. You should try this coffee scrub with natural ingredients for the best results. The main reason I would recommend my friends and relatives to purchase this product is the effectiveness in which it fights dead skin and removes cellulite from the body skin.

The manufacturer has incorporated several anti-oxidants which when infused with caffeine from coffee become very thorough in polishing your skin. The coffee scrub will remove acne, age spots, dead skin, wrinkles, sun spots and discoloration spots and at the same time nourish your skin. The appearance will change for the better.


  • Nourishing to the skin
  • Firmed and smoothened skin
  • Removes age spots and other unwanted spots on the body
  • Keeps the skin moist and softened


  • Extra costs brought about by accessories

How to Choose the Best Coffee Scrub Exfoliator

Are you into caffeinated beauty? Here are some of the things that you should know when you are picking the best coffee scrub. Look for coffee scrubs with natural ingredients.

Avoid artificial fragrances when picking coffee scrubs. You also need to avoid products with synthetic ingredients or dyes because they might not be good for your skin. Artificial additives might also react with your skin especially if you have a sensitive skin.

You should also look for coffee scrubs with ingredients that nourish and moisturize your skin such as coconut oil. Other scrubs contain essential oils that bring about a natural fragrance.

When it comes to application, you need to mix a small amount with some water massage the scrub gently on your skin. You can leave it for a few minutes and then rinse your face with water a soft cloth.

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Final Verdict

Having an attractive skin requires thorough skin care therapy. This can be a medical facility, a spa or even at home. The many coffee scrubs in the market today choose from the list of best 21 right coffee scrub recipe & brand possible to carry out a very effective DIY skin care therapy at home.

The Bean organic natural exfoliating body coffee scrub is the best of them all. It comes at an affordable cost; great color diversity can be used on any body part including the face and serves many purposes. It is well branded and gives satisfactory results.

Arabica Coffee Scrub - Large 21oz Natural Coffee Body Scrub - Coffee Exfoliating Scrub to Help Reduce Acne, Cellulite and Stretch Marks - Firming Action

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