Best Bodum Coffee Maker – Ultimate Guide & Review

Best Coffee makers If you ask me, coffee is among the greatest inventions or discoveries man has ever made and as such it has become such an integral part of our daily lives that there are millions of people who cannot imagine life without it. Here, i am talking about Best Bodum Coffee Maker in detail.

Just one cup of coffee in the morning can rocket your day to hyper highs that could give you the energy and psych you need to give your job or day's activities the boost they so much need.

However, not just any coffee is good coffee and after getting the right brand so much still goes into getting the coffee that leaves a wide smile on your face.

A coffee maker is one of these factors. The kind and type of coffee maker that you use play a major role in how good your coffee will be. After reading this article, you will be more than certain about the coffee maker that you think best suits your lifestyle and boasts the most praise out there.

Things To Consider When Buying

Don’t just pick any machine that you come across. If you want to enjoy many years of great tasting coffee, here are some important things that you should consider when buying the best coffee maker.

It's important how much water a coffee maker can hold. There are those who take coffee individually but also others take in numbers, and this begs the question how much water can the coffee maker hold. Also, you need to know how many cups of coffee it can make so that it fits your specifications whether at work or home.

User Friendliness
In this day and age, it is irritating to find a machine that is complex and complicated and gives you a hard time operating and manipulating. The coffee maker should be easy to understand and simple to use and operate. This makes the exercise of making coffee enjoyable not to say effortless.

Anyone wishes to have something that lasts for a long time and doesn't present endless problems of breaking down and malfunctioning frequently. All these problems apart from being frustrating and time-consuming cost a lot of money which is unnecessary since it is possible to get good long lasting and durable coffee makers out in the market.

Sometimes you need your coffee fast, real fast; for all kinds of reasons, maybe you are late for work or an appointment, or you just got an idea to write about and need to put it down immediately with a cup of coffee right next to you. Here you need your coffee maker to work wonders, flash fast.

Water Filters
Water filters are important to many people, and the kind of water filter can determine whether a coffee maker suits a certain consumer or not. There are two kinds of water filters; paper filters and metal filters. Water filters are said to have health benefits while metallic ones are more durable.

Best Recommended Bodum Coffee Maker

After analyzing the best factors to consider in buying a coffee maker, it is only right that the next step to get into is finding out which coffee makers in the market best embody these specifications. These then form the best products and of course the ones you should have on your list when shopping for a coffee maker.

1. Bodum 8-Cup Double Wall, Columbia

Bodum 8- Cup Double Wall Columbia Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is an incredible product that makes up to 8 cups of coffee which is a good number. Aside from having a wonderful design, it is made of the best material to make sure it performs its functions perfectly.

Double-Wall Construction With Stainless Steel

This product is made of double walls which work well to improve the capability of the coffee maker to retain heat for a long period. 

These thermal properties will be important in ensuring that your coffee remains at the temperature you would like it, for a long time; be it hot or cold.

Large Handle And Twist Shut Lid
Handling is significant for any coffee maker to avoid the risk of spilling contents due to slipping or poor handling. This coffee maker has a large handle to take care of this and further has a twist- shut lid to keep the contents of the coffee maker within the coffee maker. Nothing comes out if not let out.

3 Part Stainless Steel Mesh Filter
The Bodum 8 cup double wall Columbia coffee maker also boasts a 3 part stainless steel filter that allows you to extract your coffee's aromatic oils and their flavors too. The metallic mesh also guarantees a long life span without frequent repairs and complication.

All Parts Are Dishwasher Safe
Even after you are done taking your coffee, this product is still made to be conscious of how you clean it. It is understood that most people use dishwashers and as such, all parts of the coffee maker safe to be used or cleaned in a dishwasher.

2. Bodum Bean Ice French Press coffee maker

Bodum Bean Ice French Press coffee maker

We all love devices or appliances that are simple. Not only do they make life so much easier but they save so much time to use doing other important things too. The Bodum Bean ice French press coffee maker is one such appliance. Simple but madly effective.

It is highly likely that the coffee will absorb and take in the smells of other foods thus compromising on its quality. This product has an extra lid with which you close your coffee in tightly and saves it from other foods.

Create Flavorful Iced Coffee Overnight In Your Refrigerator
This product allows you to make iced coffee by leaving your coffee in the refrigerator overnight then taking it in the morning when it is cold and refreshing. Aside from this, you can make the coffee more interesting by adding flavor to it.

Control Pour Spout
It is important in a coffee maker, to be able to regulate the amount of fluid that flows out at any one time. This coffee maker contains a control- pour spout that locks in aromas while at the same time preventing any spillages from it.

All Parts Are Dishwasher Safe
Again, the coffee washer has to be clean all the time if not in use and you do this by washing it. For those who use dishwashers for their dishes, this product is proven safe to use in a dishwasher. Now you don't worry about whether you can use a dishwasher or not.

3. Bodum Insulated, Travel French Press

Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel French Press

Coffee is a part of life, you need it in many places and for others even everywhere. Sometimes you will even need to walk around with it or travel with it. The Bodum Insulated Stainless Steel travel French press gives you the liberty to do this without losing your coffee's temperature or quality.

Brew Coffee Or Tea On The Go
This product doubles as both a coffee maker and a flask to put your beverages in.

When you are making your coffee, you make it right here and when taking it, no place else, here too. It doesn't matter if you're taking it sitting or walking or traveling, this product still works perfectly for you.

Made Of Vacuum Sealed Double Wall Stainless Steel
The Bodum Insulated travel French press is made of a double wall stainless steel that is a vacuum. This works to help the user keep the beverages or drinks within the coffee maker as hot or cold as desired. Therefore, you don't have to be concerned about whether or not your drink will become cold.

Non- Slip Silicon Grip
As many buyers of this product will need to be walking around with it, it is only logical that it should be made with a non-slip feature to keep it in place; this one does. On top of that, the non- slip grip comes in an array of colors so that you can choose the one that suits your needs most.

Spill Resistant Lid With Built In Plunger
The lid of a coffee maker, especially one that you will need to move around with, needs to be one that prevents the contents of the coffee maker from spilling over. This product has a spill resistant lid that keeps the contents of the flask within the flask.

4. Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

Coffee has a lot that goes into making it perfect, and one of the biggest factors in achieving this perfection is the grinding. Coffee has to be ground right to taste and smell right. This product takes into consideration this fact and ensures the grinding is done right.

Over 14 Grinding Settings
Different people will grind their coffee differently, others will grind to coarse particles while others to very fine ones.

This product provides you with the liberty of a wide range of settings between 1 and 14 to grind to the fineness you prefer or find best.

Borosilicate Glass Catcher
Many coffee makers are made in such a way that the ground coffee goes into a plastic holder and this causes static charges that lead the coffee spilling all over the place. This product is made specifically with a borosilicate glass container to catch the ground coffee because it is not prone to the static charges.

Timed Grinding Feature
You need to know the amount of time your coffee is grinding so that you can estimate if it is sufficiently ground or not. Therefore the Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder is made with a timing feature to enable you to decide how long you'd like your coffee ground.

Available In Various Colors And 2-Year Warranty
Lastly freedom of choice is our most priced pleasure as humans, and we love to be told to choose because we get to think of ourselves. This product comes in various colors for you to choose from and it also has a two-year warranty in case the appliance malfunctions or breaks down.

5. Bodum Kenya 3 Cup French Press Coffee Maker

Bodum Kenya 3 cup French press coffee maker

The French press coffee maker is accepted worldwide as an excellent coffee maker, and it sure does measure up to expectations not only in performance but the design and make too. Easy to use and efficient this is a product you will, as many already have, except as wonderful.

Borosilicate Glass Beaker
The borosilicate glass beaker is a very good feature in coffee makers. Aside from preventing static charges which cause annoying spilling of coffee, 

this glass is heat resistant and has a very long lifespan as can be attested to by those who have come across it.

Stainless Steel 3 Piece Filter System
The advantages of a metallic filter are you will not have to replace it after every use like how it happens with paper filters. The filter incorporated in this system is 3 piece and by being metallic, lasts long and presents very little problems.

Dishwasher Safe
You need to know that your coffee maker can work well with a dishwasher so that you don't have problems in cleaning. No worries about this product because it works excellent with dishwashers.

3 Mugs Of Coffee Capacity
This product has a total capacity of about 34 ounces which can make up to 3 mugs or 8 after dinner cups of coffee at a go. Works great if you are not making coffee for a large number of people.

Final Words

Coffee can be a great experience if you make and preserve it right. A coffee maker, like Best Bodum Coffee Maker, puts a lot of the niceness needed in a good and exciting cup of coffee, from grinding, to mixing with water, to keeping it hot or cold as the user prefers it. This selection puts at your disposal the best coffee makers for you to choose from and buy.

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