14 Best Coffee Maker Under 50 in 2024: Review & Buying Guide

Going to the nearest Starbucks very often to have your favorite coffee might sound amazing but that costs you a lot end of the month. If you a regular drinker and in love with one of the coffee brewing method, why not buy a coffeemaker for yourself?

There was a time when buying a coffeemaker would cost a lot but thanks to the technological advancement, you can buy a suitable coffeemaker at a very low price even under 50 bucks. 

However, with the rise in demand for coffee and coffeepots, there has been an equal rise in supply. Many companies are manufacturing coffee pots without focusing on quality, and that might result in poor cups of coffee. No worries, this article will cover the best coffee maker under 50 that you can buy and educate you about the things to consider before buying one.

Note: We can NOT guarantee you that the products reviewed here will be under $50. Amazon.com and its subsidiaries vary the prices from time to time.

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At a Glance: Our Top 14 Picks For Coffee Machine Under $50

1. K Cup Coffee Maker Chulux QF-CM801 OUR TOP CHOICE
2. Oxo Cold Brew Coffee Maker OXO 1272880
3. Single Cup Coffee Pods Aicok CM-801
4. French Press Coffee Maker Secura SFP-34DS
5. Stainless Steel French Press SterlingPro SSFCP-1-1L
6. Barista Express Coffee Machine Unique Imports
7. Pour Over Coffee Maker Chemex CM-8A 8 Cup
8. Personal Coffee Brewer Machine Mixpresso Original
9. Fast Brewing Single Serve Coffee Maker Hamilton Beach 49981A
10. 12-Cup Coffee Maker Mr. Coffee DWX23-RB
11. Presto Percolator 12 Cup Presto 02811
12. Glass Coffee Maker Chemex 6-Cup Classic Series
13. Cuisinart 4 Cup Coffee Maker Cuisinart DCC-450BK
14. 12 cup coffee maker Hamilton Beach 49467

There’s nothing worse than starting your day with a cup of coffee of really bad taste. To get rid of the nightmare, we went through vigorous research process to bring a list of the best coffee makers under $50. We are confident about the products that they can certainly offer you a cup of joy at the beginning of the day.

Recommended 14 Best Coffee Maker Under 50 Review

If you have come so far, we appreciate your interest on the affordable coffee makers.  Below we will review the machines in detail with appropriate advantages and disadvantages, so that you can select the one that is suitable for your coffee brewing needs.

These affordable espresso makers have all been designed by reputable brands, and they therefore excel in sturdiness, durability, and brewing performance. Additionally, each of them has extra features that make them stand out. So if you would like to know more, continue reading.

1. K Cup Coffee Maker Chulux QF-CM801

CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer for Single Cup Capsule with 12 Ounce Reservoir,Black

If you find it challenging to get extra time to make a perfect cup if coffee, the Chulux Single Serve Coffee Maker is the perfect coffee brewer for you, thanks to its quick speed. Besides, its water level boiling time of 3.5 oz. (approx. 1 minute) and 12.7 oz. (approx.2 minutes), is something to bank on if urgency is a primary factor to check for you.

Undoubtably, the ChuluxQF-CM801 allows you to catch up with your morning schedule fast without having to experience any spills, ensuring every last drop of the taste goes straight into your cup or mug. Additionally, you will enjoy its cleaning and save the time to run other activities. The water amount you pour equal to coffee amount that comes out. The brewer also comes with a removing drip tray for larger mugs.

Notably, the Chulux has found its place in the hearts of coffee lovers over the years with the most delicious taste. It comes with a K-cup design compatible with most of the k-cups and coffee filters. In just a fraction of the time, you can use a reusable filter to prepare your specific type of coffee effortlessly unlike most of its competitors. Furthermore, its automatic shut-off functionality at the click of one button starts to brew the coffee and prevents overheating and keeps the machine safe.

Due to the lightweight and compact design, the Chulux can be your travel companion very easily. Just like the easy one button operation, the brewer requires no mess after brewing. You only need to take out coffee capsule when finish, even with reusable filter only rinsing out coffee grounds.


  • Comes with a cool exterior
  • Safe and quick in boiling water cutting down energy costs
  • Compact design, portable and easy to store
  • Comes with a removable drip tray and water reservoir


  • Not convenient for 220v usage
  • Needs reliable electricity supply to work effectively
  • Doesn’t come with a mug

2. Oxo Cold Brew Coffee Maker OXO 1272880

OXO BREW Cold Brew Coffee Maker (32 ounces) with 10 Paper Filters

Do you love your coffee smooth, and tasty? The OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker With Glass Carafe stays in the preferred list among the enthusiasts, courtesy of its less bitter brews. All you can expect is aromatic flavors that stay fresh for long.

Besides delivering a cup of your complete satisfaction, the Oxo is a great choice for those who

want smooth low-acidic brews in the kitchens. All you need to do is adding the coffee grounds to the brewing container and fill the rainmaker top with water for an even distribution that is uniform. Within 12 to 24 hours, the mixture will provide the perfect brewed coffee that will last in your memory.

Enjoy the supreme usage, courtesy of its brew-release switch for effortless control of the draining to your mug or cup, in just a single flick. You can brew smooth, low acid concentrate for cold or hot coffee anytime with the brewer. The stainless steel mesh filter is reusable and easy to clean. You can keep the coffee fresh in refrigerator with the borosilicate glass carafe that includes measurement markings paired with stopper.


  • Easy-to-clean and reusable ultra-fine quenched steel mesh filter
  • Easily portable with 4 cup capacity
  • Suitable for 4-cup capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for tasty and less acidic flavors


  • Average filtration performance
  • Takes a little bit longer to drain
  • Find it quite noisy at night

3. Single Cup Coffee Pods Aicok CM-801

AICOK Single Cup Coffee Maker, Single Serve Coffee Brewer with Removable Cover for Most K-CUP pods, Quick Brew Technology, 800W, Black

This is one of the few cappuccino machines that come with BPA, UL and ETL certification, thanks to its tested coffee brews that will leave you wanting more. We liked the manufacturer’s idea of quality assurance for a period of up to 2 years.

Besides meeting modern, cost-effective product demands, the Aicok model has maintained compactness and durability to last long. For those of us who might not have enough space in our kitchens, you will notice it doesn’t consume much space either.

The Aicok Single Serve Coffee Maker is compatible with most of single-cup pods including k-cup pods. This design embraces the latest technology of brewing coffee in just 3 minutes for a fresh and tasty flavor. The coffee maker is easy to use and comes with one-touch button function and is the best coffee maker with auto shut off funtionality. The coffee pods have been designed with a wider water tank so that you can fill the water level effortlessly. There are also removable drip tray and water reservoir for easy for cleaning that makes it the best coffee maker under $50.


  • Has a removable drip tray and water level reservoir
  • Compatible with k-cup pod
  • Has auto shut-off capability
  • Boasts a cool exterior
  • Quickly brews your coffee in just 3 minutes


  • It’s a bit noisy
  • Doesn’t come with a brewing timer
  • Can’t use filter paper instead of a pod

4. French Press Coffee Maker Secura SFP-34DS

Secura French Press Coffee Maker, 304 Grade Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Press with 2 extra Screens, 34oz (1 Litre), Silver

Step up your kitchen appliances with the Secura stainless steel French Press coffee maker, if you are a keen coffee lover of long-lasting aromas. Made from top quality interior and exterior 18/10 chromium steel, the design is no match to its peers when it comes to saving your dollars.

The budget coffee maker comes with a double-wall construction to maintain its superior thermal preservation capability for hot servings. This is why it outdoes single-wall designs when it comes to hot flavors.

To ensure you are safe and enjoy maximum comfort when handling it, the Secura coffee machine comes with a cool touch handle and knob, well-insulated for safe pouring.

Besides, be assured of your fresh coffee from the Secura coffee brewer that comes with a 3-layered rust resistant steel filter construction and an additional rustproof steel filter. This is meant to help trap the smallest coffee grounds for that exceptional full-bodied flavor. Expect to find an easy disassembly for cleaning purposes to maintain the refined taste of your coffee.


  • Portable and Easy to clean
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Double-walled construction for maximum heat retention
  • Suitable for 1500 ml capacity


  • Doesn’t come with tea filter
  • Body not double-layered for maximum heat retention
  • Doesn’t come with a measuring spoon

5. Stainless Steel French Press SterlingPro SSFCP-1-1L

French Press Double-Wall Stainless Steel Mirror Finish (1L) Coffee/Tea Maker: Double-Screen System 100% No Coffee Grounds Guarantee, 18/10 Stainless Steel, Rust-Free, Dishwasher Safe, 2 Bonus Screen

The SterlingPro Pear Shape Stainless-Steel French Press doesn’t struggle to impress, courtesy of its durable and reliable design. Apart from that, it is conveniently portable at just 34 oz.

You will love the non-rusting capability of this body construction and the fact that it is dishwasher safe. It is purely made of the perfect non-corrodible steel (18/10) on its interior and exterior parts.

This is a percolator that guarantees the sweetest tasting coffee for your 1-liter brews (8 coffee cups or 4 coffee mugs), quickly without worrying about any loss of your flavor.

Are you looking for a coffee maker that will keep your coffee hot for long? The SterlingPro Pear Shape French Press double-walled construction ensures your brew strength stays warm for long. Expect the outside to stay cool when you touch it.

Furthermore, if you ever want to treat your guest with a perfect gift, count on this stylish best coffee maker under $40 to provide you an attractive look not only in your kitchen but also in your office, wedding, housewarming and many other events.


  • Quality durable design
  • Boasts an elegant finish
  • Has high heat retention capability
  • Comes in a non-rusting construction
  • Easy to clean


  • Can’t be put directly on a burner
  • Lid sealing isn’t that great
  • No measurement markings on the body

6. Barista Express Coffee Machine Unique Imports

Powerful steam Espresso and Cappuccino Maker Barista Express Machine Black - Make European Espresso

If you ever want the foremost coffee machine to nourish your coffee brewing skills, the Unique Imports Espresso & Cappuccino Maker is just what you have been looking for.

With an exceptionally rich dark espresso, this design is manufactured with high standards and meets the test of quality. It allows you to mix your favorite flavors, syrups cracked ice and do some tossing in your blender for that tasty frappe.

Additionally, you can introduce the espresso to your dessert recipe and crown it all with this coffee brew that will leave your taste want more.

One of the most striking aspects about the decent coffee maker is, it’s remarkably affordable yet it delivers more for its price. This is your perfect choice for making rich cappuccinos and lattes, the European style.


  • Comes with a removable drip tray and nozzle for effortless cleaning
  • Carries a 1-year warranty
  • Has an included scoop
  • Able to brew up to 20 oz. of espresso
  • Has a glass decanter with a cool-touch handle


  • Doesn’t turn off automatically
  • Doesn’t come with a steam milk pitcher
  • I don’t find it a suitable choice for grinding the espresso

7. Pour Over Coffee Maker Chemex CM-8A 8 Cup

Chemex Classic Series, Pour-over Glass Coffeemaker, 8-Cup - Exclusive Packaging - CM-8A

You will love the Chemex 8 cup pour-over coffee machine at first sight because of its elegant design and smartly crafted hourglass shape. Every material used in this machine is just of high quality.

The coffee brewer is a one-piece heat resistant glass design. Besides, the wood collar and leather tie have been polished to compliment the eye-catching finishing.

To ensure that you don’t burn your hands while handling the Chemex 8-Cup Classic Series Glass Coffeemaker, the collar has been perfectly insulated, just at the middle part of this model, an additional boost of elegance for those I need of the leading one.

Impressively, when this coffee-machine is together with the Chemex-Bonded Coffee Filter, your brewing is nothing short of a perfect flavor memorable in all your sips. You can cover and store the Chemex brewed coffee in your refrigerator for later reheating without any loss of its initial flavor.

If you love perfect iced coffee or coffee flavoring gourmet recipes, the Chemex 8-Cup Classic Series Glass Coffeemaker is exactly what you need.


  • Handles all coffee makers measured using 5 oz.
  • Boasts a polished elegant wood collar with leather tie
  • Compatible with all Chemex filters
  • Portable for easy storage
  • Easy to operate


  • Doesn’t come with any filters
  • Coffee doesn’t taste that rich
  • Doesn’t come with holder for the filters

8. Personal Coffee Brewer Machine Mixpresso Original

Mixpresso - Single Serve Coffee Maker | Compatible with K-Cups | Quick Brew Technology with Auto Shut-Off | One Touch Function | Programmable Features | Available in Dark Grey & Black Color

Discover a unique coffeemaker that is popular among coffee fanatics, which is compatible with a single cup coffee pod. This includes the k-cups from Keurig. When it comes to handling it all, the Mixpresso Coffee Single-Cup Coffee-Maker is your choice of command.

The design has intelligently incorporated a ready one-touch button operation for on/off automation for your convenient use. Additionally, the shut off feature will take effect 3 minutes after the brew strength is done for a cost-cut on energy bills and enhanced safety. You certainly will love the coffee pot that you can use easily at home, office or your restaurant business.

The idea behind its durable body construction not just for longevity but also to eliminate chances of incurring extra replacement costs in the long run.

Ever wondered why this model is an admiration among many upcoming imitators? It is fast that saves your precious time for all your morning and after morning favorite brews. You will be impressed with the removable drip tray that ensures zero spills and every last drop of your coffee flavor counts.


  • Boasts a beautifully elegant finish
  • Fully k-cup compatible including for unlicensed cups
  • Compact size ideal for dorms and office use
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Quick in making great coffee


  • Doesn’t have the convenience to plug in a car lighter
  • Has no reservoir
  • Cleaning process is a little bit time-consuming

9. Fast Brewing Single Serve Coffee Maker Hamilton Beach 49981A

Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker, Fast Brewing, Stainless Steel (49981A)

The Scoop Single-Serve Hamilton Beach 49981A Coffeemaker takes you to a completely new level of coffee making by brewing hotter, faster and better-tasting coffee than the conventional machines out there. The benefits doesn’t limit here. The Scoop Coffeemaker utilizes the straightforwardness of ground coffee and brews your favorite cup quickly: an 8 oz. cup in less than one and a half minutes or a 14 oz. travel mug in under two-and-a-half minutes.

The coffee brewer brews faster and hotter than any of its competitors, and excellent of all the coffee that it produces tastes fantastic. It uses a scoop filter so that you can brew coffee grinds on your choice.

You have the choice to have a customized cup of coffee with the brewer that brews a single-serve cup according to your liking with regular auto drip and bold options.

The brewer is designed with durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel to ensure long lasting service. Also contains built-in stand for coffee mugs. It features automatic shutoff after brewing, a spill-resistant drip tray and more.

Note: Be careful not to overgrind coffee beans, as very finely ground coffee can cause overflows. For a stronger cup of coffee, select the bold setting and use a medium grind size that’s appropriate for a standard automatic drip coffee maker.


  • Durable coffee maker with rustless steel construction
  • Features a built-in stand to hold coffee mugs
  • You can brew different coffee grinds
  • Shuts off automatically after brewing
  • Wide drip tray to prevent messes


  • Average taste
  • Reviewers got plastic taste even after using for months
  • Poor performance

10. 12-Cup Coffee Maker Mr. Coffee DWX23-RB

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, Black

If you like to keep it simple and silly, then Mr. Coffee is the perfect coffee maker that you should go for. It seems that whatever your budget is, you will always find a Mr. Coffee unit suit you perfectly. The DWX23 12- cup coffee maker with glass carafe embodies the brand identity of this company, which is simplicity and functionality.

Unlike most coffee makers, Mr. Coffee percolator pulls back and gives you only the features and functions that you need. But don’t let its classic design fool you; the Mr. Coffee unit brews a delicious cup of joy.

When you need to brew coffee, just turn on the unit and it will take it from there. This simple operation is what makes Mr. Coffee so popular, as you do not have to spend too much time figuring out what to do. You will love the blue light and the clock in the front.

The 12-cup coffee percolator also has programmable settings, such as a Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause function which allows you to momentarily stop the cycle so that you can pour cups of coffee before the brewing is finished.

There are also other convenient features of the coffee maker, like a Delay Brew timer which allows you to set the time when the coffee brews, so that you can wake up to a fresh pot of coffee.

The easy to use coffee-percolator also has a dual water window for easy viewing, a lift and clean filter basket for a quick clean up, and a 2-hour shutoff function for automatic power off.


  • Brews coffee very fast
  • The water reservoir is easy to read
  • Allows scheduling brewing process 24 hours earlier
  • Auto shut off coffee pot for safety
  • The removable filter basket is easy to fill and clean


  • Produces burnt plastic flavored coffee
  • Clock is slow and not lighted
  • Lifespan is not long

11. Presto Percolator 12 Cup Presto 02811

Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

The Presto 02811 Coffee Maker is one of the most popular and in demand coffee makers on the market. This Presto model lets you wake up each morning to the warm and toasty aroma of coffee, which is bound to give you a great start to your day.

The model’s unique and attractive design will put a smile on your face, and will be satisfied with the delicious taste of coffee that it brews on a consistent basis. The pot can consistently produce the best tasting coffee even better than the regular coffee shops. The affordable coffee machine has been made from top quality galvanized steel, which gives it a modern and expensive look that you will fall in love with.

The Presto 02811 brews between 4 and 12 cups of tasty coffee, with each cup brewing at a rate of a minute per cup. The coffee machine includes an indicator light, which will alert you to when your coffee is ready to drink.

There is also an alloy steel perk tube and filter basket, which work to enhance the overall taste of your coffee. The hot and rich coffee that is brewed will stay hot until you are ready to serve, and the easy pour spout makes this process mess free. Certainly, this is the best coffee maker under $40 you can buy.


  • Brews coffee quickly and tasty
  • It brews tasteful coffee
  • Durable hardened steel construction
  • It automatically indicates when your coffee is prepared
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Difficult to remove the lid
  • Has aluminum that corrodes into the coffee
  • Doesn’t last long duration

12. Glass Coffee Maker Chemex 6-Cup Classic Series

Chemex Classic Series, Pour-over Glass Coffeemaker, 6-Cup - Exclusive Packaging

If you want a spectacular coffee making machine, Chemex classic coffee machine is the best affordable coffee maker for you. This coffee making machine is made completely out of glass, for optimum coffee brewing.

The Chemex 6 cup glass carafe coffee pot is shaped like an hourglass, and its borosilicate glass construction ensures that it will not absorb chemical residues or odors. The lucrative pot of coffee has a polished wood collar with a leather tie, which gives the flask an elegant and modern appearance.

When it comes to performance Chemex uses patented Chemex bonded filters, which eliminate bitter elements and sediments from your coffee, for a great taste.

The simple and easy to use coffee machine is also sturdy in build, so you stay assure of using it for long. It is therefore no surprise that the 30 oz espresso machine was voted as one of the 100 top designed products of modern times.


  • Durable machine because it doesn’t have moving parts
  • Designed with high quality filter paper
  • Features a nice polished wood collar with leather that gives it a nice look
  • Produces coffee of great taste
  • Features a little glass lid to retain heat


  • Coffee gets cold fast
  • Has a small opening
  • Breaks easily

13. Cuisinart 4 Cup Coffee Maker Cuisinart DCC-450BK

Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemaker with Stainless-Steel Carafe, Black

If you live a hectic lifestyle, then you need to invest in products that make your life easier. The Cuisinart DCC-450BK is an espresso machine that is built to make your life convenient.

This 4-cup espresso-machine has a compact design, making it perfect for small homes and offices. So apart from its compact design, what makes this coffeemaker special?

Cuisinart has designed the carafe with tempered steel, for weight savings, strength, and durability. Furthermore, the coffee-maker has a knuckle guard and dripless pour spout, for ensuring comfort and easy pouring respectively.

Another great feature is the Brew Pause feature, which allows you to pause the unit and pour a cup of coffee even before the brewing process has finished. Cuisinart also uses a 30-minute shutoff, so that you can always have peace of mind that the espresso machine is not running for hours on end. Also, it allows you to concentrate on your other tasks rather than standing in front of it.

The BPA free coffee maker also has an indicator light, so that you can always know when the unit is on. All in all, the Cuisinart DCC-450BK is a highly convenient cappuccino machine that will serve you well in a variety of circumstances.


  • Comfortable handle for a perfect grip
  • Brew pause function to enjoy a cup of coffee before brewing is over
  • Doesn’t occupy much counter space
  • Automatic shut off feature


  • The pot handle is loose
  • Leaking complaints

14. 12 Cup Coffee Maker Hamilton Beach 49467

Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with Digital Clock and Cone Filter, Auto Shut Off (49467), Black

The Hamilton Beach is one of the most popular coffee makers. This 12-cup coffee maker excels in fashion and function with ease, so that you can have a coffee maker that works well and looks good.

Let’s start with the aesthetics of the coffee maker, which is made up of stainless steel accents. They don’t only allow the coffee maker to look good on your counter, also, stainless steel is sturdy and durable.

The Hamilton Beach has a stay cool handle for safe handling, measuring marks for accurate water filling, and a drip-free pour spout for careful serving. Additionally, the nonstick hot plate will keep your coffee nice and hot once the brewing process is done. The coffee maker also has an efficient water filter, which will keep chlorine out of your coffee to ensure better taste.

When it comes to the features of the Hamilton Beach Coffeemaker this 12 cup coffee machine comes with an intuitive control panel and digital display, which makes it simple to operate the unit. There is also a programmable clock for those who want their coffee already prepared by the time they wake up.

The Hamilton Beach unit comes with an auto pause and serve function for your convenience.


  • A digital clock for easier timing
  • The water window allows easier and accurate filling
  • Shipped to many regions
  • Best small programmable coffee maker


  • Additional charges through the coffee filter
  • The hot plate rusts easily

How to Choose the best coffee makers under 50- Decision Making Points

There are lots of types of coffee makers available in the market under 50 bucks. But not all of the come up with same features and may not serve your needs. But there are key features that every coffee brewers contain. So, it’s important to look for few prime features before buying a coffee maker. Here we bring some for you:


No one is willing to go for the less durable products. The cappuccino machines are made differently and of different materials. The most durable will be those made from steel and aluminum materials.


Capacity largely depends on the number of people you would like to brew coffee for. If you have a large number of people to serve, consider a larger capacity espresso maker and a smaller capacity for a few individuals.


These kinds of coffee pots are cost friendly. They are the most preferable if you don’t have enough cash to have expensive coffee percolators.

Brewing strength:

The cappuccino-makers are different in brewing strength. Some have a brewing strength selector that enable you select the brewing strength you want while others have only single brewing strength. You can choose the optimum for your needs.

Maintenance cost:

You may end up buying your favorite coffee maker but without proper maintenance it won’t last long. Different coffee making machines demand different level of maintenance. You need to be aware of the complete cleaning process of the brewer. Some of them come with really difficult cleaning process. But if you want your favorite morning machine to last long you need to follow the right cleaning process.

Brewing temperature:

According to most of the coffee fanatics the ideal temperature to brew the coffee is around 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. You will find many of the coffee makers can’t even go up to that temperature resulting a cup of coffee without taste. So, before you buy make sure the brewer can brew on than temperature to make you a great coffee.

Brewing speed:

The coffee grinders differ in brewing speed. Go for the one that will enable you to compete with time. The one that takes shortest time to brew.

Frequently Asked Questions


As you can see, the coffee machines discussed above definitely provide value for your money. These coffeemakers are not perfect, but they provide incredible value for those on a budget. Each of the espresso makers excels in specific area. Now you need to choose which one the perfect for you.

The review of the best coffee maker under 50 dollars will serve as your guide as you go out shopping for your coffee pot, and you will definitely be excited with the performance that you get at this price. So, why wait more? Get your favorite coffee maker to start a fresh morning with a cup of personalized coffee.

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