Best Coffee Maker For Hard Water: Ultimate Guide & Review

So we have this topic about coffee makers and hard water. There are two sides of the story the good and the bad. To start with the good one, hard water coffee machine makes for an incredibly good tasting coffee.The ugly side of the hard water is that it will leave residues on your coffee maker and you will have to carry out regular tedious cleaning to remove the scale. Those facts leave us wondering what to do now.

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The List of Top Hard Water Coffee Makers

1. Best hard water coffee maker Touch Choice T414S
2. Best drip coffee maker for hard water BUNN BX Classic
3. Best hot water 10 cup coffee maker BUNN GRB Velocity
4. Best coffee maker for solid water Nespresso Vertuoline
5. Best coffee pot for hard water Nespresso by De’Longhi ENV150GYAE

Time is now you learn that you can afford to have that amazing cup of coffee from hard water and evade regular cleanups. The way out is to use the below listed hot water coffee maker that stand the test of hard water and time.Nothing now will stand between you and that fine cup of espresso. These coffee makers will not cost you much, but they will save you much. Softening water will cost you a fortune in the name of avoiding the scale and in the process you will say goodbye to some nice flavor.

Recommended Coffee Maker For Hard Water Review

Probably you never know they exist, but a team of experts has done the testing. They conclusively recommend that these coffee makers are the best for anyone who needs some great coffee from hard water.

1. Best hard water coffee maker Touch Choice T414S

Touch Choice Single Serve Coffee Brewer - Silver Coffee Maker with Full K-Cup Pod Compatibility & Rapid Brew Technology - T414S

The Touch Choice T414S Single Serve Brewing System is an amazing type of the coffee maker that will see to it you get a perfectly tasting cup of coffee. Most people find it the most suitable for hard water.


With this coffee maker, you can choose the strength of the brew. Also, you can choose the size of the cup. To do this, you only need to touch a button, and you are good to go. I get to choose from the mild, med and bold brew strengths.


Touch Choice T414S Single Serve Brewing System is so effective and efficient. It brews at an optimal temperature of 200° F for the optimum flavor. Another cool thing about this particular coffee maker is that it starts brewing after just 20 seconds from getting it on.

Brew Cycle

Brew cycle maximizes the water coffee contact. Just like the optimal temperature brewing the maximum water coffee temperature gives you the perfect taste of your coffee.

Power Saving

You cannot help falling in love with touch coffee maker if you mind how your appliances consume energy. To save on energy when to idle the coffee maker shuts off. Let me also mention that the brushed silver finish is such a beautiful finish.


  • Allows you to select the brewing strength
  • Simple to operate
  • Has a good brewing speed
  • Easy to brew on a large travel mug without compromising taste
  • Provides a maximum extraction of flavor


  • Short lifespan
  • Hard to fill the reservoir
  • It scalds cups

2. Best drip coffee maker for hard water BUNN BX Classic with glass carafe

BUNN BX Speed Brew Classic 10-Cup Coffee Brewer, Black

The BUNN family of coffee makers is such a big family. They all possess some incredible features that make them the markets favorites when it comes to hard waters. Mine has never let me down.


By using the BUNN BX Classic Velocity With Glass Carafe, I get to brew 10 cups of the espresso I love very much in just three minutes. Meaning it takes such a short time to reach the optimal brewing temperature.

Porcelain Coated Heating Plate

A porcelain-coated hot plate that the manufacturer incorporates on the BX ensures that scale does not form in high amounts. Also, it makes the cleaning exercise so easy.

Easy To Operate

The BUNN BX Velocity Brew 10-Cup is a coffee maker that omits all the fancy features. You might find that 90% of the time you do not require these extra fancy features. This fact makes the BUNN BX easy to use for all even the elderly.


Extra features come with an extra cost. Some people find those extra features, but if you like the BUNN BX 10 cup coffee maker with its amazing simplicity including a special glass carafe, you will get it at a fair price.


  • The BUNN is very fast in brewing coffee
  • It is simple to operate making it suitable even for the elderly people
  • The coffee maker is cost friendly
  • This model belongs a glass carafe to preserve your coffee for a long time
  • It is designed with a hot plate that makes it easy to clean
  • The coffee maker has an optimal brewing temperature that ensures a good quality of coffee


  • Can only be operated by the individual with the skills it requires
  • May not save power because of the absence of the automatic power off mechanism
  • Requires maintenance services for proper functioning

3. Best hot water 10 cup coffee maker BUNN GRB Velocity

BUNN GRB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer, Black

The BUNN GRB and BX at a glance are one and the same thing. It is until we go to the aesthetics that they pose some differences. Still, they both qualify for this category of the best hard water coffee maker.

Internal Hot Water TankAn internal stainless steel water reservoir keeps hot water at the optimal temperature on standby. The hot water facilitates for quick brewed coffee whenever you need to in just three minutes.

Unique Spray HeadUnique spray head technique of extracting flavor from the ground beans ensure that you get the most amazing flavor. This technique extracts flavor from the beans completely ensuring you don’t waste your ground coffee.

WarrantyUsers of bunn GRB 10 cup coffee maker get to enjoy a limited three years warranty. Warranty covers the small defects that may arise, small because it is very unlikely you will get a major breakdown or any defects for that matter for instance a filter basket.

Great CapacityThe BUNN GRB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Coffee Maker as the name suggest will give you an amazing capacity of 10 cups in a single brewed coffee. Ten cups are coffee enough for the family served hot and delicious.


  • Can keep the temperature of your coffee for a long time
  • It also has fast brewing speed that helps you catch up with your time
  • Its special spray head makes it produce excellent coffee flavor
  • It has a great capacity
  • Also, it belongs a filter basket to add your desired coffee type
  • Large bottom for proper interaction of hot water and coffee


  • Requires constant cleaning
  • Leaking incedent
  • Plastic smell sometime

4. Best coffee maker for solid water Nespresso Vertuoline

Nespresso GCA1-US-CH-NE VertuoLine Coffee and Espresso Maker, Chrome (Discontinued Model)

Nespresso GCA1-US-CH-NE Vertuoline coffee and Espresso Maker, Chrome uses the most up to date technology. The technology makes it an outstanding option regarding technology. It offers a revolutionary experience.


I get to enjoy a large cup of coffee with this Nespresso coffee maker. For that awesome taste, you get the espresso like crème. If you feel like you need a nice cup of espresso, you get it at the touch of a button.

Customer Service

You will get an awesome customer experience from the customer service team. They have up to date answers to all your questions concerning the prices and warranty. In case of any defect after purchase they are always available.

Capsule Recognition Technology

Capsule recognition technology is a technology that is unique to the coffee Maker. It has an awesome conditioning, small capsules brew espresso and large capsules coffee.

Automatic Off Mode

After nine minutes without activity. The espresso maker goes off to save on power. This feature is so necessary as I forget to switch off my good coffee maker like all the time and this could be a problem too for the elderly.


  • Removable water reservoir for easy cleaning and filling
  • It is power saving because of the automatic power off mechanism
  • Automatic off mode if not used for 9 minutes
  • The coffee maker has adjustable cup rest
  • Provides one touch brewing


  • Coffee is not hot enough
  • Strange foam on top
  • Misleading cleaning instructions

5. Best coffee pot for hard water Nespresso by De’Longhi ENV150GYAE

Nespresso by De'Longhi ENV150GYAE VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Machine Bundle with Aeroccino Milk Frother by De'Longhi, 5.6 x 16.2 x 12.8 inches, Graphite Metal

Having a good coffee maker as part of your kitchen appliances will ease your work especially when it comes to coffee preparations. Nespresso by De’Longhi ENV150GYAE Espresso Machine is a very effective coffee maker that will always be ideal for you especially if you are a coffee lover.

Removable Used Capsule Container

The coffee maker has a removable used capsule container that usually holds 13 to 20 used capsules. I find it very easy whenever I want to empty the used capsule container since it’s removable.

Fast Heat Up Time

Normally preparing coffee usually takes a lot of time, but with this coffee maker, it takes very little time since the water heats up within 15 seconds. So it won’t waste your time waiting for coffee to be ready.

Capsule Recognition And Code Reading Technology

The nespresso pot of coffee machine is designed to recognized coffee capsules. So after placing capsules tit begins to prepare the coffee. The code reading technology is very handy too since it allows blend specific parameters to be selected before brewing coffee.

New Revolutionary Centrifuge Technology

With just one click of the button, the coffee maker begins to brew the coffee very smoothly. The technology allows one to choose between brewing coffees or espresso which is doesn’t restrict a person.


  • Its capsule container is easy to remove
  • It an automatically recognizes coffee capsule
  • The coffee maker has smooth brewing
  • The capsules are easy to insert and inject
  • Heats up quickly


  • Has no adjustable cup rest
  • Coffee does not keep hot long time
  • Takes more time to make coffee

Factors To Consider When Buying

These are the factors that separate the champion coffee maker from the rest of the coffee makers in this category of hard water. For the best be sure to check out each of them.


What you need to check in the design is a design that enhances the usability of the coffee maker. For example, the handle should facilitate easy and safe handling. Design such that, it matches or complements your home décor.

Ease To Clean

With hard water scaling will be for sure one of your problems. So find a coffee maker with features that reduce the magnitude of the scale, for example, porcelain coated or anything that makes it easy to clean.


It is very important that you don’t overlook the warranty. Despite being durable, an unexpected defect might arise and to have the manufacturer fix it you need the warranty. For defects relating to the manufacturer handling, it is just fair they take care of it.


A coffee maker that gives you some flexibility is very much desirable. One that can switch between the coffee and espresso brewing modes is an incredible choice.

Other Factors

– Aesthetics- Usability

Frequently Asked Questions About

Final Verdicts

If we trade places by any chance, I see no reason not to get one of these amazing coffee makers that will see you through those tough, hard water conditions. There is no question that the best coffee makers for hard water designs are ergonomic and have great aesthetics. Ratings for the above-listed coffee makers are also incredibly good that you can confirm. After confirming I urge you to take that step and start enjoying great brews every morning when you need to warm up for some work.

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