Best Coffee Scoop 2024 Review – Essentially Tiny Item For Your Kitchen

Coffee is no doubt the most widely consumed beverage all over the world. When making a cup of these delicious drinks, we always need scoops to measure the right amounts of our favorite drink. Well, there is a list variety of best coffee scoop to choose from. 

Our Top 17 Picks To Choose From

Most people love their drink to have just the right amount of ingredients this is why a coffee measuring spoon is more than needed.  Have a look at reviews of coffee spoons that will help you avoid messing up when you are brewing.

Best Coffee Scoop Review & Guide

1. Tablecraft 402 Coffee Scoop: Stainless Steel 1 Tablespoon

Our Tablecraft Coffee Scoop is a stainless steel tablespoon, it is made to stand the test of time and is rust free plus it can never corrode. This scoop is also easy to clean since it is dishwasher safe, you can wash it with warm water and soap too.

The durable stainless steel material has been given a mirror finish which is attractive therefore it is good for home decor. The coffee scoop is perfect for measuring coffee or chocolate. The long handle is best for scooping from tall containers or coffee bags.

When you need to do an accurate measure of your coffee or cocoa, this scoop gives you just that accurate measure you need. This also comes with one tablespoon.


  • Long handle to reach coffee tins and bags
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • Attractive mirror finish
  • Durable stainless steel


  • Cannot be mounted on a wall, there is no hole on the handle
  • A shorter handle

2. Ecko 1094900 Coffee Scoop

The shorter handle of this scoop makes it easier to fit in containers or in drawers. It has a rounded scoop which makes it stylish and for easier measurements. Any cook needs an easy to wash kitchenware, this scoop can be hand washed or you can use the dishwasher to clean it.

The scoop has an improved functionality and at the same time a durable coffee scoop. The Ecko Coffee scoop; dining and kitchen is just what you need to measure different types of ingredients because it is versatile.This kitchenware is efficient for everyday use and moreover, it can withstand frequent washing because of the fact that it is stainless steel. This is rust free and can never corrode.


  • Shorter handle to fit in jars
  • Longer lasting stainless steel
  • Easy to wash
  • Stylish rounded scoop
  • Versatile to measure anything at home


  • Slightly expensive
  • Looks thin

3. Chef Craft  Coffee Scoop; Black, 2 Pack

Chef Craft Coffee Scoop, Black, 2-Pack

A shorter handle that this scoop possesses enables it to fit in drawers and coffee bins. Unlike the other scoops that are stainless steel, this scoop is made of plastic and a very durable one for that matter, this plastic is thick.

The fact that that it is cone-shaped makes it easier to measure the right amount of coffee or cocoa you just have to shake well if you have scooped more than you desire.

The Chef Craft Coffee Scoop comes in 2 pack which makes it even more unique and very hard to find in many stores locally. The diameter of the scoop is smaller making it convenient for dipping into the brewing container.


  • Durable thick plastic
  • Smaller, hence it fits well in a coffee jar
  • The 2 pack makes it perfect for the price
  • Excellent quality and sturdy


  • The handle is not long
  • It is pointy

4. RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel 2 Tablespoon Coffee Scoop

RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel 2 Tablespoon Coffee Scoop

This scoop has a slim profile that enables it to fit in a bag or in coffee jars. You can use the scoop to measure out the right amounts of coffee ensuring that your coffee is not too strong or too weak.The RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel 2 Tablespoon Coffee Scoop is built with a stainless steel which makes sure that the scoop does not rust or corrode. The measurement engraved onto the handle makes it the perfect measuring scoop. The handle also has a hole for mounting the scoop on the wall or putting it on a ring. This little scoop has some nice weight and feels well in the hand.


  • The handle has engraved measurements
  • There is a hole in the handle for mounting on the wall or putting it on a ring
  • Dishwasher safe meaning it is easy to wash
  • Half sphere shape which is great for measuring


  • Nickel-based made handle which some people are allergic to

5. 1Easylife Endurance Coffee Scoops: 2 Piece Ergonomic Measuring Spoons

1Easylife Endurance Stainless Steel Coffee Scoops, 2 Piece Ergonomic Measuring Spoons, 1 Tbsp & 2 Tbsp Exact

The triangular design and a short handle give this spoon a beautiful view which is good for decor in the kitchen. The stainless steel component makes it even last longer without any mark of rust on the spoon.

When making your coffee you surely do not want to feel a little awkward when handling any equipment in the kitchen. The 1Eassylife Endurance Stainless Steel gives you just that comfort you really want in your kitchen.

The long handle gives you a comfortable grip. This is also pretty and heavy to use, it is also short so it fits well in drawers and coffee jars. There is an indentation on the handle which enables you to hold with your thumb and forefinger.


  • Feels comfortable when holding it
  • Attractive finish and design
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Short scoop perfect for traveling


  • The handle is short
  • It is expensive

6. Royal Coffee Scoop; 1.5 Tablespoon Exact Measuring Spoon

1Easylife Endurance 18/8 Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop, 2 Tablespoon (30ML) Exact, Pack of One

This scoop has a heavy construction with a good finish. The handle is long enough to reach into the coffee bag. It is also an excellent quality for measuring accurate amounts of coffee. This scoop cannot bend since it is heavy.

Royal Coffee Scoop has a mirror finish that makes it look so lovely you can even gift it to your loved ones. The handle is smooth and the edges. It is versatile in that it can measure a variety of substances like coffee, protein, spices and many others.

The stainless steel coffee scoop is made to last so long. It is also easy to clean you can wash in warm water and soap.


  • Amazing for measuring coffee, spices, protein powder and many
  • Mirror polished for an attractive shiny appearance
  • Exact measurements for the coffee
  • Long handle to ensure that you the best amount of coffee from the bag
  • Easy to clean


  • It is expensive
  • Spoon edges are a bit sharp

7. Casual Grounds Coffee And Tea Scoop With Bag Clip

It is a high-quality scoop that is made to last. The built-in bag clip ensures that your coffee stays as fresh as you would want it to be. This specific scoop has been built with high-quality material that can last a lifetime, so you have do not expect to find yourself tossing it in the bin.The stainless steel guarantees that the scoop remains rust free and lasts for years. Our coffee scoop is also environment-friendly in that it is made of 100% recyclable components. It is perfect for office use since the coffee remains fresh all day long. It holds the bag of coffee tightly and is easily accessible when you need it.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Best for ground coffee whole bean coffee and loose tea
  • 100% environmental friendly
  • A perfect built-in clip
  • Stainless steel to last long


  • Someone with joint problems cannot open the clip as fast
  • Slightly small

8. Orblue Coffee Scoop: Long Handled, 2 Piece

This is a stainless steel coffee scoop that is sturdy and durable, it is meant to last for a very long time and still retain the original shiny look. The scoop is rust resistant and it is hard for it to corrode. The handle is long enough to reach into tall containers or bags.

The Orblue Coffee Scoop has a high polish finish making the scoop attractive and lovely. It is also easy to clean because it can be hand washed or in the dishwasher.In addition to other uses of the coffee scoop, it can also be used in scooping sugar, baking powder, and spices. Each of the scoops has a little hole in the handle that you can use to hang the spoon on a hook.


  • Holes on one end to mount on the wall or hang on the kitchen hook
  • Long handles that enable you to scoop coffee from tall containers
  • High polish finish to give it an attractive look
  • Sturdy, rust-resistant and durable


  • They are heavier than they look
  • A bit overpriced

9. Norpo 5537 Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop; 2 Tablespoon

The Coffee scoop has proven to be of very good quality and heavy duty. It works nicely for scooping out of tall containers so you are not left with coffee grounds on your fingers. In addition, it can handle any liquids and any solid you would like to scoop.

Norpo stainless steel coffee scoop is light but strong and it allows you to reach into things freely. It is also big enough so that it can serve soup and measure other commodities.

It is also big enough so that it can serve soup and measure other commodities. It is also dishwasher friendly which means that it can be washed easily and repeatedly. The price is great because it comes in a pack of 2.


  • Comes with 2 tablespoon
  • Easy to clean since it is dishwasher safe
  • It is built of stainless steel that is durable and rust free
  • Long handled to reach easily into tall containers or coffee bags


  • It is bulky and wide
  • Some people may find it too long

10. Good Cook Extendable Coffee Scoop, 2 Tablespoon

Good Cook Extendable Coffee Scoop, 2 Tablespoon

This scoop is accurate in making measurements.  Moreover, it has a handle that extends which ensures that you are able to scoop from a bag of coffee.Any coffee lover would agree that having just the best coffee is given priority; this coffee scoop gives you just the right measurements. It is also easy to wash since it is dishwasher safe. This scoop is accurate in making measurements.  Moreover, it has a handle that extends which ensures that you are able to scoop from a bag of coffee.

The Good Cook Extendable Coffee is compact thus it makes it perfect for travels; it can fit in a jar or a coffee bag.

It is made of plastic which makes it have a lovely color. The plastic is thick hence it is durable and can withstand being used frequently.


  • It is dishwasher safe thus it is easy to wash
  • The handle extends making it perfect for scooping ground coffee
  • An attractive color for a coffee scoop
  • The sliding handle makes it good for reaching into a grinder container


  • The extendable handle might slip off
  • It could break easily

11. Leyaron Endurance Measuring Coffee Scoop: Set of 2

Leyaron Endurance Stainless Steel 1 Tablespoon Measuring Coffee Scoop, Set of 2

This coffee scoop is made of stainless steel which is durable and is rust free. It has a long handle that enables you to scoop the last coffee remaining in the coffee bag. Leyaron Endurance Stainless Steel has no plastic attachments whatsoever.

The engraved measurements and standard metric markings on the handle make it easier for the user to measure their coffee to their desired taste. 

This is the kind of scoop that is hard to find since it comes with two durable spoons. A well-designed hole is located near the end of the handle which you can mount on the wall or on a kitchen hook.


  • Stainless steel for durability
  • Easy to hand wash or throw in the dishwasher
  • Engraved measurements for accuracy


  • It has sharp corners and edges
  • It is expensive

12. RSVP Endurance Oval 1 Cup Measuring scoop

RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Oval 1 Cup Measuring Scoop

If you are an avid cook or your baker this is a must-have in your kitchen, this is because this scoop has the ability to hold any kind of liquid or dry ingredients so this is the ultimate choice for measuring contents.

It is made of stainless steel which makes sure that the scoop is rust free and can also last a lifetime. It is also best for portion control for measuring oil or any other type of food.

The RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Oval 1 Cup Measuring Scoop has a long handle that allows it to reach into coffee jars and bags. This scoop is also versatile in that you can use it for serving and other uses.


  • The scoop is versatile
  • Holds one cup of liquids
  • Durable, stainless steel
  • It is also dishwasher safe
  • Awesome weight


  • It also has a long handle
  • Too large

13. Coletti COL105 Coffee Scoop: 2 Tablespoon Set

Coletti COL105 Coffee Scoop, 1 Tablespoon & 2 Tablespoon Set

Finding a scoop that has a perfect matte finish is hard to find locally. Stainless steel and the heavy-duty make the scoop last a lifetime in spite of using it frequently.

Coletti coffee scoop is small enough making it fit in jars or you can pack and carry it to the office.You can also gift this to a friend since it is designed in a very attractive way, the handles are a bit shinier with a nice finish.

After using a scoop you might want to clean the scoop, so this makes the scoop easy to wash, you can hand wash with warm water or just put it in the dishwasher.


  • Nice matte finish
  • Small enough to fit in jars or canisters
  • Lovely design and very sturdy
  • Food grade stainless steel


  • Some buyers think it is a little expensive
  • Too small

14. Casual Grounds Durable Coffee Scoop

Casual Grounds 1 Tablespoon Durable Coffee Scoop

This type of scoop is made of plastic so this makes it friendly to glass jars. Our Casual Grounds 1 Tablespoon Durable Coffee Scoop has a small handle which enables it to fit in jars and also does not take up space in the drawer.The thick plastic of the scoop ensures that it will last for many days. Coffee enthusiast carry their ground coffee with them, this means that they will have to carry the scoop along too therefore, the scoop should be lightweight.

Our coffee scoop provides for just that, it is lightweight and yet it is durable. Cleaning the scoop is so easy, you just have to wash with warm soapy water.


  • Can be washed easily since it is dishwasher safe
  • A small handle that can fit in canisters
  • Environmental friendly 100% reusable material
  • Thick durable plastic


  • It is slightly expensive
  • Slightly odd shape

15. Cuisinart DCC-CS Coffee Scoop

Cuisinart DCC-CS Coffee Scoop

You want your coffee to have the right amounts of ingredients for it to taste well to your preferred taste, to have that you need to have a scoop that measures accurately. It is also very sturdy and solid to make it last longer.

Our scoop is made of thicker plastic which helps for it to last long. It has a small size which makes it fit in jars. This lightweight scoop is also easy to wash; you can wash it with warm water or in a dishwasher.


  • It is small, therefore, can fit in most jars
  • It measures accurately
  • Made of thick plastic
  • Can be easily washed


  • It is small
  • Expensive a bit

16. Espresso Supply Doser Scoop, 1 Ounce

Espresso Supply Stainless Steel Doser Scoop, 1-Ounce

This scoop has amazing properties that make it so unique, a scoop hard to find locally. The long handle enables it to reach the remains of coffee in the bag or a container, therefore; you do not get your fingers filled with coffee grounds.

Espresso Supply Steel Doser Scoop is made of stainless steel, that means that the scoop is rust free and it can never corrode. Washing it with warm water is all that you need to clean it. If you love brewing your own coffee, then this scoop can be of great assistance.


  • Wide and easy to hold
  • Just fine in a dishwasher
  • Stainless steel
  • Holds its contents well


  • Some people think that the scoop is too small
  • Can be a little complicated for a new user

17. Brix Coffeelock Bag Closure Coffee Scoop

Brix Coffeelock Bag Closure with Built-In Coffee Scoop

Brix coffeelock bag closure coffee scoop is amazing in keeping things fresh. This is a special bag lock which can help in keeping the contents. Moreover, it can hold different types of food like ground or whole been, cocoa, spices, seeds, and nuts.

For easy storage, it is compact so it cannot take up space in the drawer. When cleaning just use warm water with soap. It works well on deep lids and no instructions needed to use it. You can also gift it to someone who has trouble opening lids.

Opening some cans can be hectic on nails so this opener is best for such cans. It is compact for easy storage in your kitchen. The unique design always clips around opened bags and ensure freshness by keeping the air and moisture away.

What to Consider When Buying


When making a purchase on anything especially the items that we use often, durability should be considered first. In most kitchenware, the items made of stainless steel seem to last longer than any other material.

Stainless steel is rust free and cannot corrode easily. There are also items made of plastic, choose a thick one. Some types of coffee scoops may still maintain their good looks even after using for a longer period.


If you have to keep shining your scoop then the quality is poor, you should choose an item that needs low maintenance. A dishwasher-safe coffee scoop, in this case, is the best or you can also choose to have one that you can hand wash with only warm water and soap.

A coffee scoop that can has a handle with a hole is the best since you can mount it on a wall to avoid it being in constant contact with other kitchenware that results in the scoop getting scratches.


A long handle is the best since you do not have to dive into coffee bags to get the last bit of the coffee. The handle should also be smooth to hold. A shorter handle too can fit into coffee jars. A handle that has a hole on the end is functional since you choose to hang on the wall.


A good scoop should be able to function well so you should always go for the best no matter the price. If you think that sometimes the price is too high for the appliance, then think if you should buy a cheaper one most probably, you will have to buy another one in a shorter period of time.

In addition, an expensive item does not entirely mean that the quality is perfect in relation to its price, you should always carefully explore for more options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Verdict

Our best coffee scoops are specifically made for a coffee enthusiast and according to an individual taste, they come with different designs both functional and attractive. Most of them have measurements engraved on the handle for easier measurements.

The scoops, either long or short handled & plastic or wood made also come in different sizes and measurements, whether you are making a cup of coffee or you own a coffee joint, we have just the right equipment for you to improve your experience. Purchasing one or more of these scoops will surely give you satisfaction. We moreover ensure that you get value for whatever you purchase by offering the quality goods.

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