Best Single Cup Coffee Maker with Grinder Review in 2024

Do you remember going a day without a cup of coffee?

You don’t, right?

Just because your body needs a certain amount of caffeine doesn’t mean you have to compromise with its quality. Who won’t love having freshly ground coffee every morning? And that’s when you’ll need the best single cup coffee maker with grinder.

Yet, choosing the best single serve coffee maker with grinder isn’t that easy. Many brands in a business claim to be the best. But they hardly offer the best features. By falling into the trap of their business policies, you’ll end up wasting money.

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to some outstanding single cup coffee makers. To make things a tad easier for you, we’ve added a buyer’s guide as well.

Our Top Recommended Best Single Cup Coffee Maker with Grinder:

Best Overall

Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker with Travel Mug and Built-In Grinder

Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker

  • Built-in Grinder
  • Stainless-steel travel mug
  • Removable permanent filter
  • Customizable brew sizes

Uplift your caffeine experience with Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffeemaker with Built-in Grinder. Now brewing a fine cup of coffee requires no extra time or step. Remove the dishwasher-proof filter and clean it within minutes.


Cuisinart DGB-1 Single Cup Grind & Brew Coffeemaker

Cuisinart DGB-1 Single Cup Coffeemaker

  • Grind-off feature
  • Removable drip tray
  • Brews and Grinds 16 oz. at once
  • Features blade grinder

Enjoy your freshly brewed coffee with Cuisinart DGB-1 Single Cup Coffeemaker now. Brewing 16 oz. at a time is no more a big deal with it. The blade grinder featured in the coffeemaker can grind your coffee evenly.

Best Budget

Hamilton Beach 49989 Grind and Brew Single Serve Coffee Maker Header

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

  • Dual brewing options
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Customizable cup rest
  • Automatic rinse option

Purchasing a good coffee grinder and maker within budget is no longer a bridge too far. Be it whole fresh beans or ground coffee, you can brew with both. It offers you an automatic rinse to prevent unwanted clogging also.

The One Cup Coffee Grinder Accessories You May Need

Breville BCB100 Knock Box, Die-cast

Breville Knock Box

Espresso Steaming Pitcher 12 oz,Espresso Milk Frothing Pitcher 12 oz,Coffee Milk Frothing Cup,Coffee Steaming Pitcher 12 oz/350 ml

Espresso Steaming Pitcher

Stainless Steel Coffee Filter, Double Cup Coffee 51mm Single Wall non-pressurized Porous Filter Basket, Please check the size carefully

51mm portafilter basket

What Is A Single Cup Coffee Maker With Grinder

There was a time when the process of grinding coffee was very exhausting. Grinding coffee needed a lot of effort and energy in the past. The method of getting these coffee grounds was very loud also.

Those days are no more. Now you can enjoy the same strong coffee flavor within a short brewing cycle with any type of coffee. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for long periods of time to enjoy a quality espresso. A single cup coffee grinder can grind your coffee while you’re asleep. And the process won’t hurt your ears.

Once you bring home this boon, you won’t have to pay for a cup of coffee in any coffee shops. Enjoying an aromatic coffee sip with your homies is now easier than ever. It will transfer your caffeine experience wholly.

Best Single Cup Coffee Maker With Grinder: The Review

1. Best Overall – Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffeemaker

Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker with Travel Mug and Built-In Grinder

Mr. Coffee provides you the best without compromising with quality. No matter if you use whole beans or ground coffee, Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffeemaker can serve a nice brew every single time. The dishwasher-safe parts of this compact machine make it easier to clean.

This best single cup grind and brew coffee maker offers some amazing privileges. If you don’t intend to use the featured travel mug for a single time brew, you can try some other ones as well like stainless steel carafe or glass carafes to get hot coffee and rich coffee. The products include replaceable parts. So, if the coffee filter requires replacement, you won’t have to buy the whole machine again

It has a good quality built-in grinder machine with high brew strength for great-tasting coffee. You no more have to use a separate grinder to brew your coffee and it gives a consistent grind. Many cheap coffee makers use paper filters for filtering the water. But this masterpiece has a permanent reusable filter. And if you’re out of beans to make your fresh brew, don’t panic. You can use some pre-ground beans to quench your caffeine cravings.

If you would love to keep your coffee hot all day long, buying a thermal carafe would be great. This simple machine is great if you have little counter space. It has a nice design, offers consistent grinding and it will fit well on your kitchen counter.

Every boon has its dark sides. As the espresso maker is a blade grinder, the coffee beans may not grind evenly during the grinding process. This appliance might not be a good bid for your French press because the coffee particles are not of even grind sizes. So, if you need to make your French press coffee, a machine with consistent grind size is better. But the consistency and fine brew of this brewer surpasses the uniform grind size flaw.

The Pros:

  • Dishwasher-safe
  • BPA-free and keeps coffee hot
  • Includes a stainless-steel travel mug
  • Adjustable brew size

The Cons:

As this appliance is a blade grinder, you may notice some large chunks in your coffee cup. But they won’t disappoint you much.

Summary: If you don’t want to pay extra charges in shops for a well-brewed coffee, try it. Mr. Coffee® Single Cup Coffeemaker can make you a coffee better than many coffee shops. With all of its praiseworthy features, it is the best single cup coffee maker with grinder by our choice.

2. Runner – Up-Cuisinart DGB-1 Single Cup Coffeemaker

Cuisinart DGB-1 Single Cup Grind & Brew Coffeemaker

Cuisinart has never disappointed the coffee lovers with its well-made coffee makers. If you’re looking for a high-quality coffeemaker on budget that makes better-tasting coffee, get your hands on Cuisinart DGB-1. This single serve grind and brew coffee maker comes with the simplest manual and precise settings.

If you intend to make yourself a fine cup of coffee in less brew time, mix 1 scoop of coffee beans with 4-ounce hot water, unless you want a cold brew. Unlike the cheap coffee machines, this Brew Automatic Coffee Machine won’t waste your precious coffee beans. There are two buttons in this coffee brewer. One for grinding and one for pre-ground coffee. You can choose whatever seems convenient.

This coffeemaker automatically grinds the coffee beans and hands out them into the filter basket. And this procedure won’t need your time and attention. Push the “Grind & Brew” button and you’re done! The grind-off feature lets you use pre-ground when need also.

Some customers complain that Cuisinart DGB-1 Single Cup Coffeemaker can make them a strong brew. If you’re a fan of French press, this coffeemaker might not entertain you much. This coffee brewer might not be convenient for regular caffeine cravers. But that’s a god bid for occasional purpose.

The Pros:

  • Grind-off feature
  • Compact size
  • Removable parts
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Brew delicious coffee

The Cons:

Unfortunately, this model powered by Cuisinart lags in producing consistency. This blade grinder isn’t the best if you look for finer powder. The coffee powder you’ll grind in this coffeemaker isn’t suitable for French press. The noise level of this grinder is slightly high. Yet, it takes less time to grind.

Summary: Not satisfied without the best pick? Spending your money on Cuisinart DGB-1 Single Cup Coffeemaker won’t disappoint you. If you lead a busy life and grinding coffee every day is tough for you, this product can help you. You can use the pre-ground coffee whenever you’re having a lazy day and it will also keep your coffee warm.

3. Best Budget – Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 49989 Grind and Brew Single Serve Coffee Maker Header

Having the taste of an exquisite coffee is no longer a wildest dream for budget finders. Now you can enjoy an excellent flavor coffee using whole beans or ground coffee. You no more have to compromise with the quality for the price.

The machine has a nice design with two-button in front. Its modern design offers you a one-touch operation. If you’re interested in using coffee beans, push the grind button. Hence, for making your favorite brew with the pre-ground coffee use another switch.

If you’re a fan of traditional ground coffee, Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker will work wonders for you. It features a travel mug that can hold up to 16 oz. coffee at a time.

Operating this grind and brew single cup coffee maker is not rocket science even with types of coffees. This super-cheap machine will fulfill your dream of enjoying a nice brewing process in your cozy couch.

However, some purchasers have faced difficulties while cleaning the blades of Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker since it doesn’t have an automatic rinse feature. Take ¼ cup size of rice and grind it in the grinder. Grinding some uncooked rice after grinding coffee eases the process of regular cleaning. You can wipe it with a towel after that for the best results.

The Pros:

  • Simple operation
  • Budget-friendly
  • Automatic rinse
  • Coffee tastes better
  • Two brewing option

The Cons:

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker and grinder is manufactured from a plastic material. The plastic body of it has lessened its durability. But it offers some outstanding other features that are unimaginable at this price. If you’re looking for a machine that makes coffee for 1 or 2 coffee drinkers, count on it. Otherwise, it won’t yield good results.

Summary: This amazing creation by Hamilton Beach Store saves you from spending tons of riches, yet yields strong brew. The automatic rinse program of this appliance will save you from the irritation cleaning process. And you’d love some homemade coffee in a cheap rate. Then why not bring it home?

What To Consider Before Buying The Best Single Cup Coffee Maker With Grinder

When choosing makers with grinders, there is a wide range of things that you should consider to get the best-tasting coffee. Check this simple buying guide to find what makes good espresso machines and other additional features like brew pause feature, color options and how many inches tall. Let us look at these incredible features you should check as a coffee expert.

Type of Grinder

While choosing a single cup coffee grinder, you have two types of grinders to pick from. One is a blade grinder and another one is a burr grinder. Both espresso machines have divergent characteristics. Apart from that, you can also find other types of grinders like ceramic grinder, integrated grinder, and steel burr grinder among others.

If you’re looking for a machine with grinder at a  cheaper remedy, nothing can beat the blade grinder. They come with rotating blades that grind the beans evenly. It consists of two blades from crushing your coffee beans. If you’re looking for something simple, you can choose a blade grinder.

And then arrives burr grinder. Experts say that burr grinders can grind coffee better. They transform the coffee bean into uniforms sized particles. Not all coffee press demands that specific size. But some presses like french press needs burr grinders. Even though it’s much expensive, the price is worth it!


We all love our cups of coffee mug a bit fuller. But let’s be real. We just need a one cup coffee grinder for daily purposes. If there’s a family gathering, you may need more brewing time for more coffee. Then a one-cup coffee maker with grinder will lag to serve you.

The serving size of your coffeemaker depends on the quantity you desire for. If one cup is enough for you, why would you spend on a grinder that serves 4 cups? Paying a little extra for the unwanted privilege isn’t worth it.

But if you own a family of coffee junkies, a single-serve grind and brew coffee maker won’t be enough. In that case, go for the grinder that offers 3-4 cups at one serving.

Brewing Coffee Options

After a strongly brewed coffee in the morning, we all prefer a mild brewed mug of caffeine. If you’re single serve coffee maker with grinder built-in doesn’t support two options, it’s your loss.

If your brew cycle depends on your mood swings, you should look for a machine with multiple options to make your pot of coffee. Even if it is one of the pricier machines, that’s better than paying for two machines. And we don’t buy a coffee grinder daily, right?

People living in the same household can have differences. Maybe you like your coffee strong but your partner likes it mid – brew. A coffee grinder with multiple grind settings can satisfy every coffee freak.

Noise Level

There is so many coffee makers that’ll not make a little bit noise. But the extent of its noise shouldn’t be way too much. A noisy grinding process isn’t the first thing you’d like after waking up. It can disturb your little ones also.

Yet, you can’t fully cut down the noise from a coffee grinding machine. Purchasing a less time-consuming single serve grind and brew options coffee maker can be your savior. The lesser time it takes to grind, the minimal noise you have to bear.

Charcoal Water Filter

A cup of coffee consists of 98% water. And that water is filtered by charcoal filter in a coffee maker. A coffee maker without a decent charcoal water filter is crap. Hence, a tip-top charcoal filter can provide you with outstanding filtration.

Price Range

Apart from picking espresso makers with your favorite features, it is also great to think about the price range. The range can vary since you can find an expensive coffee maker or a cheap one. These machines also vary in strength settings, self-cleaning cycle, profile, manual machines, alarm clock and in terms of reliability.

It is great to look for a comprehensive coffee maker that meets your budget needs. For the price you choose, it should work well with oily beans, little coffee waste and give you full-bodied flavor.


Who makes the best single serve coffee makers?

Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker is manufacturing the best single serve coffee makers.

Is it cheaper to grind your coffee?

In maximum cases, it is more expensive to grind your coffee. But most of the pre-ground coffee beans are low-grade. So, it’s better to grind coffee on your own.

Is it OK to grind coffee beans the night before?

If you grind coffee beans the night before brewing, you won’t exactly get the fresh flavor. But it will be far better than the pre-ground packaged coffee.

Is a burr grinder worth it?

Burr Grinders are worth it. According to us, blade ones aren’t worthy enough. Burr grinders can provide you with even coffee powders. The beans won’t grind out in random shape.

Are manual coffee grinders better than electric?

Manual coffee grinders are more consistent and durable. They surpass the maneuverability of the electric ones.

How long does coffee stay fresh after grinding?

Grounded coffee tends to start losing its freshness within a week of grinding. In 3-4 weeks, the coffee beans may taste dull. But you can store green coffee for years. They stay fresh for a longer period.

Does freshly ground coffee taste better?

Of course! That’s scientifically proven fresh coffee tastes better. We believe you should personally try the difference.

Is hand grinding coffee better?

Hand Grinder gives you maximum flavor than the machine ground one. It reduces noise level and saves your hard-earned money also.

Is a burr grinder worth it?

Ceramic Burr Grinders and conical burrs are worth it. According to us, blade ones aren’t worthy enough. Burr grinders can provide you with even coffee powders. The beans won’t grind out in random shape.

Which is better Keurig or Cuisinart?

If you need to brew a lot of caffeine daily, choose Keurig K-Cafe. Keurig is more capable to handle the pressure. Yet, for your occasional purpose, Cuisinart is the best.

Are manual coffee grinders better than electric?

Manual coffee grinders are more consistent and durable. They surpass the maneuverability of the electric ones. Whichever you choose, you will still enjoy a tasty cup of espresso or double espresso.

Does grinding coffee make a difference?

Grinding coffee lets you extract out the inherent flavor and aroma of coffee beans.


We’ve tried to inform you a lot about coffeemakers in this article that work well with various coffee options. Now you’ll not face any catch-22 situation while purchasing the best single cup coffee maker with grinder. Getting your hand on any of these beauties won’t make you repent later and you will love their programmable settings, stainless steel construction and coffee strength.

We’ve been through several brainstorming hours to serve you with some useful information. Let’s hope they help you in your buying experience!

Hamilton Beach 49989 Grind and Brew Single Serve Coffee Maker Header

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