Best Slow Drip Coffee Maker Reviews in 2024 with Buying Guide

It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that Japan is one of the coolest and most innovative nations in the world. The Kyoto-style slow-drip coffee making process is one of their inventions.

If you want to change the taste of your regular coffee, you can try this one out. But it is impossible to get an authentic taste without using the best slow drip coffee maker.

That is why we have researched a lot and short-listed 5 of the most popular products. These are capable of mimicking the original Japanese Kyoto technique and serving you a refreshing cup of Coffee. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is Slow Drip Coffee?

Slow drip is a method of preparing a rich-full taste cold brew. It is called slow drip as in making the Coffee, water passes very slowly through coffee ground. Water drops drip into the coffee ground, and then the beans’ extract drip down into the carafe, which is the method for slow drip.

The slow drip method is a little faster than its counterpart immersion method. This slow drip is also known as the Japanese Kyoto-style cold brew. The slow brewing method is quite similar to the regular pour-over or French-press. And this manual control gives us a more nuanced flavor brew.

How Slow Drip Coffee Machine Works?

Well, how the slow drip machine works is, it works easily and uniquely. A water reservoir, a coffee pot, filter, and a carafe are found in the maximum slow drip machine.

The work process of the slow-drip machine:

  • First, set up the full machine. Now, fill the water tank with iced water at the top of the machine.
  • This iced water slowly drips into the second portion, which is the coffee pot.
  • Then the water passes through the beans and starts extracting Coffee.
  • It will take a very long time of 8-12 hours.
  • After then, you will find coffee extraction in the carafe, which is at the machine’s bottom.

Is Slow Drip Coffee Better?

Slow drip is too good to drink. The enriching flavor with sweet aroma will make your day and mood will be better. If you want to tinker with the finest details of brewing, this method is very appropriate.

Many ask the question, is slow drip coffee stronger? Yes, the slower drip gives strong extraction. The slow drip method doesn’t muddle the Coffee’s flavors and steeps coffee grounds in all the water overnight.

As you can control the procedure, you can make your preferred light or a bright cup of Coffee. Moreover, this method takes longer brewing time and makes more intricate flavor extraction. There is also a health benefit of slow drip because it makes low acidic Coffee. It also makes less bitter and sweeter brew.

5 Best Slow Drip Coffee Maker: Our Honest Review

01. Best Overall:  Hario Water Dripper Wood

Hario Water Dripper Wood, 35.9 x 20.4 x 18.6 cm

Things We Like:

  • Wooden stand
  • Heat-resistant glassware
  • Stainless steel filter
  • Drop-by-drop percolation
  • The double MagMag
  • 1x water dripper

Japanese heat-resistant glassware company Hario is one of the best slow drip cold brew coffee makers in the market, Hario Water Dripper Wood is among them. This model comes with many gorgeous features that can convince you to try it. We choose Hario water dripper wood as the best overall because of its extra beneficial features.

Our top pick Hario Water Dripper Wood, comes with a wooden stand, which we liked. As iced water containers, coffee cylinders, and carafes are all made of glass; they used polypropylene glassware.

This glassware is so durable and is also very heat-resistant. Again, the glassware doesn’t wear out easily and doesn’t react with water, acid, or nonoxidizing organic components; that is why we find very delicious, strong, and acid-free Coffee.

Moreover, this model of Hario contains stainless steel filter, which is also resistant to high-temperature and corrosion.

Is there anything else to consider it the best bet?

Yes, there is another feature that is impressive; that is, we can control the boldness of Coffee. We can control the speed of the dripper that makes Coffee weak or strong. Its drop-by-drop percolation makes the Coffee taste amazing. It also features the double MagMag and cock joint.

Now, as I am a lazy person, I found a little bit of downside, which is its brewing time. It takes 5-7 hours to complete the brewing procedure. But if I get a very palatable cup of coffee, then why not wait for the best one!

Summary: Overall, this model gives an ideal amount of Coffee with a perfect flavor. Whoever is very addicted to Coffee, you can try this faithful coffee maker.


  • Dimensions (L, W, H): 14.13, 8.03, 7.32 inches
  • Weight: 3,3 pounds
  • Material: Glass
  • Capacity: 6 cups
  • Color: Wood


  • Heatproof glassware
  • Produces acid-free Coffee
  • Manual control boldness


  • Long brewing time
  • Expensive

02. Runner-Up: Yama Glass Cold Brew Maker I Ice Coffee Machine

Yama Glass Cold Brew Maker I Ice Coffee Machine With Slow Drip Technology I Makes 6-8 cups (32oz), Large Capacity Cold Brew Coffee Tower, Black

Things We Like:

  • Faster brew time
  • Heat-resistant glassware
  • Controlling the boldness
  • Ceramic filter
  • Fridge for up to 1 week

Yama Glass Cold Brew Maker I Ice Coffee Machine is quite similar to previously discussed Hario Water Dripper Wood. Both of them are quite well compatible with each other as they both offer great quality coffee. But we choose Yama glass tower as a runner-up.

The gorgeous Yama glass tower uses borosilicate glassware that gives it heat-resistant capacity and also durability. This model has a ceramic filter, which helps to get an acid free cold brew. Moreover, you can control the brewing system and adjust the dripper to get richer and smoother cold coffee.

The good news is, it brews comparatively faster than the previous model. Within 3 hours, Yama Cold Brew Towers delivers the high-quality cold brew. And you can fridge the Coffee for at least 7 days. Then you can also prepare tea in this machine.

Yama glass tower has enough quality to be the best bet, but you may have a question, why is it placed in a runner-up position?

Actually, its features are top grade, but its difficult model is hard to clean. Again, its fragile construction makes it a runner-up model.

Summary: Except for a very little problem, this outstanding Yama model is very popular at home and with professionals also. You can have a look at its design, trust me; you will be amazed by its features and also outlook.


  • Dimensions (L, W, H): 12, 9, 25.4 inches
  • Weight: 9.8 pounds
  • Material: Glass
  • Color: Black, gold
  • Capacity: 32oz


  • Minimal acidic concentrate
  • Coffee can be fresh up to 7 days
  • Can also be used in tea making


  • Very expensive price tag

03. Best Budget: iwaki water drip coffee server 440ml

iwaki water drip coffee server 440ml

Things We Like:

  • Heat-resistant glass body
  • Auto Drip
  • Polypropylene Lid
  • AS resin filter
  • Slow extraction

We choose the Iwaki water drip coffee maker as the best Budget because it gives quite praiseworthy services within the low Budget. This model is also the Japanese production.

Though it is budget-friendly, like Hario and Yama, it also features a heat-resistant glass body. Its water tank is made of polystyrene. Iwaki has a resin filter, which helps to make a good taste cold drip coffee. You may not get the drip controlling system as the dripping speed is fixed in it. But don’t worry, it has an idle setting and prepares a tasteful brew.

Iwaki extracts Coffee from the fine ground slowly; this slow extraction results in ultra-smooth Coffee. Again, it is very easy to use and maintain; in a word, the model is fuss free. Iwaki also contains a polypropylene lid component. It has a great capacity of getting 4 cups of Coffee indeed.

Is there any downside for low-budget?

As it comes to a reasonable budget, you will not get all benefits of an expensive product. Iwaki produces too weak Coffee, who prefer strong flavor will not be satisfied with this product. But if you want weak flavor, then go for it.

Summary: Overall, we recommend this budget-friendly product for its good features. It would be the perfect choice for those who don’t want to spend much money. They can try the Iwaki coffee brewing machine at home.


  • Dimensions: 10.79 x 5.2 x 5.12 inches
  • Weight: 1.28 Pounds
  • Material: Glass
  • Capacity: 440 Milli-litters


  • Easy to use
  • relatively inexpensive
  • Automatic drip


  • Take 8 hours to brew
  • Weak flavor coffee

04. Best Iced: Soulhand Cold Brew Coffee Maker Cold Dripper

Soulhand Cold Brew Coffee Maker Cold Dripper Slow Drip Cold Coffee Brewer 6-8 cups /28oz with Adjustable Rate BPA Free Dripper,Stainless Steel Filter Loose Leaf Teapot Enjoy Low Acid Coffee

Things We Like:

  • Wooden lid
  • Polypropylene top chamber
  • Clean drip valve
  • Reusable stainless steel
  • Elegant transparent designs
  • Air-tight design

For getting proper iced brew, we select Soulhand Cold Brew Coffee Maker Cold Dripper as the best-iced brewer. This 28oz iced drip coffee maker adds a fruity and sweet flavor to the Coffee.

Soulhand uses prime quality FDA approved materials like a reinforced heat-resistant glass bottle. Its unique air-tight design and polypropylene top chamber keep the brew cold.

Like the other slow-drip machine, it also has an adjustable dripper and cleans drip valve, which gives you full control of the water temperature, speed of brewing, and also the flavor. Once all the ice has dripped, you will get a refreshing coffee.

Is there anything else to consider?

Yes, the slow drip iced coffee maker also has a large capacity for making 6-8 cups of coffee to serve your family for daily coffee support. Its stainless-steel coffee powder container keeps the taste and aroma perfect. It is also requirable for making tea.

Soulhand also has a simple setup and the advantage of easy cleaning. Again, this device can be a gorgeous thanksgiving gift for coffee lovers.

Summary: Soulhand has quite similar advantages to the previous coffee makers. But it is chosen uniquely for getting the best iced cold brew. If you prefer getting the amazing feeling of clod brew, go for it.


  • Dimensions: 10.63 x 9.45 x 6.30 inches
  • Weight: 2.18 lbs
  • Color: Clear
  • Material: Glass
  • Capacity: 800 Milliliters
  • Coffee grounds: Medium-coarse


  • Keep cold
  • Accurate control of dripping speed.
  • Reasonable price
  • Included 50 paper filters


  • Fragile jar
  • Not dishwasher safe

05. Other Consideration: Cold Bruer Drip Coffee Maker B1

Cold Bruer Drip Coffee Maker B1,Blue

Cold Bruer Drip Coffee Maker B1 presents itself as a simple and transparent way that you can use at the home, office, or any place. Cold Bruer is designed with high-quality materials. Food grade silicone, stainless steel, and heat-resistant borosilicate make the Bruer the qualified one. It also includes a paper filter and a reusable stainless-steel mesh filter.

Moreover, it can extract 200 ounces of rich and palatable Coffee. The water drips down into the grounds and drips out into the bottom carafe, and you don’t need to wait overnight; it takes just 4 hours.

This brewer machine maintains the natural sweetness in Coffee and produces a less acidic cold or hot Coffee. You can preserve this concentrate for a couple of days in the refrigerator.

Now the fact is Cold Bruer has good qualities just like Iwaki or Yama and has popularity among coffee lovers. But we had to put it in the “Other consideration” section because of some cons. It is not foolproof, and if the coffee grind is too fine, the drink may become watery. Then its fragile construction is another reason. Some have found a little bit problem with the drip valve feature. But this model is very popular, so you can check it out.

What To Consider While Buying The Best Slow Drip Coffee Maker?

When you go shopping for the best slow drip coffee maker, you should follow some guidelines to choose the best one. And you should also check out the necessary elements which will make your yummy Coffee is included or not.

For your convenience, here we have given eight buying guide that you will consider before the purchase.

Brewing method:

For buying the best slow drip coffee maker, at first, should be considered brewing method. As depending on the brewing method, Coffee can be strong or weak. Cold brew coffee has two types: immersion and slow drip, where immersion produces incredibly stronger Coffee than the slow drip method. But brew coffee under slow drip coffee is less acidic than the immersion method.

Water filter:

Who doesn’t want to have outstanding tasty Coffee? Of course, all want. So, you need to add a water filter in your buying guide. Many cold brew coffee makers feature a built-in water filter. Actually, a water filter can make the cup of coffee taste even better. Though you can use tap water, it contains chemicals that affect the taste of Coffee so, use a filter.

Programmable coffee makers:

Some drip coffee makers have programmable features to turn on and off. Some coffee machine can brew very quickly, so they don’t need this feature. So you need to determine whether you want this feature or not. If you want to drink Coffee on a regular schedule, you can set up the machine and set the alarm to brew the Coffee timely.

Thermal or glass carafe:

Thermal or glass carafe is another big feature to consider. Glass carafe uses a hot plate to keep the Coffee hot for a short period of time. It also comes at a cheaper rate. On the contrary, a thermal carafe gives better flavor and keeps Coffee hot for some hours. But it prevents extra heat in brewing temperature and doesn’t let the Coffee gets ruined. In short, if you want quality brewing, then you will need one of these.

Carafe size:

Drip coffee makers have different sizes; they can make 4, 8, or 12 cups of coffee according to their carafe size. Some have a single-serve size for making one cup of Coffee. Again, the smaller size can be affordable, but they have less space.


Price is also a considerable thing when you are planning to buy a slow drip coffee machine. You will find many reasonable cold brewers, while some come in a wide range. But don’t worry, not only high prize machine makes quality and flavorful coffee but also a low price coffee machine can also make tasty Coffee.


Before buying a coffee machine, make sure you fully know about the maintenance process. As you invest money on buying such an expensive maker, if you don’t know about the maintenance process, the coffee machine can be damaged. Using a paper filter or metal infuser in the cold brewer can affect the cleaning process, so be alert in choosing the proper filter.


While buying the best coffee machine, check out some important accessories, like a coffee grinder, as cold brew needs coarse grind. Another accessory is a high-quality coffee canister to keep beans fresh. Then for serving Coffee, a travel mug can be a good accessory during traveling.

How to Make Coffee Using A Slow Drip Coffee Maker?

best slow drip coffee maker

Above we have reviewed the best slow drip makers, and their coffee-making process is a bit different from each other. So, we have given a common process for making super tasty slow drip coffee.

Step1: First need to grind the coffee, and for the slow drip coffee, we will need coarse ground. Then take the proper amount of ground in the coffee pot. But before taking Coffee to the coffee jar, place the filter at the bottom, then pour coffee ground.

Step2: Now, load ice or water vessel with ice or water or the mixture of both what you want.

Step3: Then, the water mingles with the beans, and you can add a bit of water to dampen the grounds.

Step4: the most important aspect for making a perfect Kyoto-style cold drip is the drip-rate. So, set the drip rate as 1 drop per 1 second but many also set is like 1 drop per 1,5 second; that is fully your preference. And keep monitoring the drip-rate.

Step5: You may need to wait for 5-12 hours to enjoy the Coffee; it depends on the coffee machine types. Once your delicious brew is in the carafe, then serve with ice or dilute with hot water.


We have given the best slow-drip coffee maker reviews, so you can learn your need. Now, it’s your duty to choose the best slow drip coffee machine. All we noticed some differences in applications, but we can assure all the models have the charisma to ferment the best quality coffee.

Do brew with the best slow-drip coffee makers and enjoy very yummy and enriched flavored Coffee.

Yama Glass Cold Brew Maker I Ice Coffee Machine With Slow Drip Technology I Makes 6-8 cups (32oz), Large Capacity Cold Brew Coffee Tower, Black

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