Breville Bdc550xl YouBrew Glass Drip Coffee Maker Review

With the innovation of technology, making coffee has changed a lot. Nowadays, you can have tasty and flavored coffee with natural essence right from the raw coffee beans from a single coffee making unit.

There are different brewing machines with various features and options to make it lovable for coffee lovers. It is important to choose a brewing device that provides quality coffee with not changing the ingredients.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use coffee maker with high-class performance, then you should check out the Breville Bdc550xl brewing machine. Let us discuss the features, benefits, pros and cons of this product.

Wow Factors of Breville Bdc550xl YouBrew Glass Drip Coffee Maker Review

Built in Burr Grinder is Easy to Use

The Breville Bdc550xl coffee maker comes with a functional burr grinder for processing fresh coffee beans just before brewing. The adjustable grinder system will grind coffee beans by the amount you choose. You can select the coffee strength from the grinder system. The feature will allow you to take coffee from the raw beans.

The grinder system does not change the ingredients or alter them so you will have a natural taste. There is a cleaning brush just under the hopper to clean the grind chute. You can use the removable grind catcher to clean it properly. Therefore, maintaining this coffee machine will be easier.

Easy to Handle Water Tank and Filter System

The water tank is easy to fill. There is a red float to indicate the water level. You will when to stop pouring the water just by seeing the red float on the display. The tank will never get overflown and pouring things into the tank and clean it would be an easy job to do.

The Gold foil filter system will refine the drink and you will have tasty and healthy coffee. The filter system does not hamper the flavor of coffee beans so you will have a natural feel. You can also use a paper filter. The whole mechanism will prevent the taste from hampering caused by dirty water.

Control Panel and Display is Easy to Monitor

The effective control program will reduce your work a lot with the Breville BDC 550xl coffee maker. The auto start program will let you set a pre-start program with setting the time. There is an adjusting button to adjust brewing. You can change the strength according to your taste or get verities of flavors by turning it up or down.

There are seven power settings to help you with different flavors. The LCD display will let you measure everything perfectly. You can see the brewing cycle, count down the brewing time, and see the amount of water in the tank on the LCD display. The graphics will let you understand the process easily.

Carafe and basket System

The carafe comes with warming plate to keep the coffee warm after brewing. You can have coffees for hours after the finish of the brewing. It can accommodate up to 12 cups of coffee. You can choose the cups of coffee from the control panel. It is made of durable materials that will not break easily and simple to clean. These are BPA free materials and are safe against chemical reactions or environmental degradation.

Serving coffee is really comfortable with the carafe. The Basket system can be removed easily from the main unit to wash the dispose of the filter. You have to clean it regularly.


  • Built-in burr grinder to have natural taste of the coffee right from the coffee bean
  • Seven strength settings to have different flavors
  • The filtration system works correctly to refine coffee and water
  • The display is easy to understand
  • Auto-start brewing option
  • Easy to maintain and use
  • Very easy to clean the whole unit
  • Can have coffees after hours of brewing
  • Provide tasty and high-quality coffee


  • No significant disadvantages to discuss

Features at a Glance

  • Non-capsule system
  • Brew IQ
  • Carafe warming plate

Frequently Asked Question

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Final Verdict

The Breville Bdc550xl brewing machine offers ease in processing coffee through its diverse features and programs. You can select light flavor or heavy flavored coffee. The attached grinder system will let you have high-class coffee out of raw beans. Pre-ground beans can be used with this tool too.

With smart design, built quality and user-friendly control panel, the machine measures up to be an exquisite choice for the coffee lovers.

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