What Is a Burr Coffee Grinder & Which Is Best?

In the world of coffee blending, you'll never miss hearing the two types of coffee grinders which are helpful in grinding your coffee beans, so that the real taste of coffee will be tasted. If you're not yet familiar with these machines and you are trying to get yourself into the world of coffee blending and mixing, this article will somehow help you start your new hobby and interest.

Now, let's get to know the difference between the two types of coffee grinders: The Blade Grinders and Burr Grinders. Blade grinders are often inexpensive and easy to operate. However, the blade grinders do not really grind but smash your coffee beans into bits using the blades. The result, it leaves some inconsistency in sizes of your coffee beans. Sometimes, the powder-sized particles are not great for French Presses and Espresso machines. Normally, when you ask experts, they prefer the Burr Grinders which is our main topic in this article.

Burr Coffee Grinders literally grinds using two burred plates. Plates come in flat or conical shapes depending on models. What really makes these burr coffee grinders advantageous is that it really grinds beans into a uniform size of particles. Such size makes a god taste of coffee while avoiding clogging problems. It turns coffee beans into its fineness that best suits for any kind of coffee makers.

Many coffee enthusiasts recommend Burr Coffee grinders to coffee shops who serve different types of coffee. But some coffee lovers also use this at home because they can personally make the best of their coffee beans.

Just a few things to remember when you buy a Burr Coffee Grinders. The first thing suggested is for you to look for a low-speed model. Why? because high-speed grinding might heat the beans which may lead to static problems. When static charge builds up, they will attach themselves to your grinder which makes it difficult for you to clean. Well, cleaning is not a big deal, right? But if you have the chance to choose such low-speed model, then get it!

Now, if you are not really familiar with Burr Grinder items, you can search a lot of brands online. The Breville Dose Control Pro is one of the best burr coffee grinders which is famous for its performance. The brand uses Dosing IQ technology that automatically adjusts the dose every time you change the grind. You can choose from 60 different grinding settings so you can achieve the best taste of coffee you are craving.

Another good performing grinder is the Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder which known for its heavy-duty feature. It operates in low-speed (at 500 RPM), designed to maintain the taste of your coffee flavor.

There are still more brands you can check in choosing your Burr Coffee Grinders. Remember, it has a quite steeper price compared to the bladed ones, but you'll never regret. If you have the enough budget, so why settle for the cheaper ones. Go for something that would last for a longer period of time, and most especially, the ones that could make your every cup of coffee truly amazing!

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