Can You Make Hot Chocolate in A Coffee Maker: 5 Easy Steps

It is a cold rainy day, and one thing you are craving for is a cup full of hot chocolate. Yes, this happened with me many times, and I couldn’t bear the idea of not having a beautiful cup of Hot Chocolate at home.

Having a coffee machine, I googled, can you make hot chocolate in a coffee maker? From the search results, I learned that hot chocolate could be made with almost every coffee maker available in the market.

Today I’m going to tell you how to make hot chocolate in a coffee maker with 5 very easy and simple steps.

How To Make Hot Chocolate in A Coffee Maker in 5 STEPS

How To Make Hot Chocolate in A Coffee Maker

Let’s start with the things you will need to make hot chocolate in a coffee maker.

  • A Coffee Maker
  • Pack of Hot Chocolate Mix (or you can make your own if you please)
  • Water


As I said earlier, it is a straightforward and easy process. Let’s get down to business.

  1. Fill the coffee maker with water (as per requirement, how many cups you need)
  2. Open a sachet of the hot chocolate mix (or your homemade ones) and pour the powder into the coffee maker’s coffee carafe.
  3. Let run for a few minutes.
  4. When it’s done, stir the hot chocolate mix and make sure that you have dissolved the ingredients appropriately.
  5. Put some marshmallow in the cup, and a quick cup of perfect homemade Hot chocolate is ready to enjoy.

After applying those steps in real life, you wouldn’t ask the question, “can you make hot chocolate in a coffee maker.”

Bonus Tips And Tricks On Making Hot Chocolate In Coffee Maker

I know that you would want to do some experiments by adding some milk or Coffee in the hot chocolate. So, I have also shown how to fulfill your desires, and a trick to make hot chocolate using a Coffee Urn.

Hot Chocolate with Coffee

Are you thinking of mixing Coffee with hot chocolate? Go for it, as it is the easiest way to make a mocha-flavored drink.

Stir hot chocolate into a cup of coffee, and it’s ready.

I’ll recommend making hot chocolate and Coffee separately. First, make the hot chocolate, and pour it in a cup of Coffee. In this way, you can keep your drink from being too strong.

Or as per taste, you can play by your own rules.

Milk in Coffee Maker

Many of us often wonder what else can I use my coffee maker for other than just making Coffee.

The idea of boiling milk in a coffee maker may have crossed your mind many times, but then you are not sure if it is safe or don’t know how you use milk in a coffee maker.

So, is it alright to boil milk in a coffee maker? No.

Putting milk in a coffee maker will damage the machine. Milk has proteins in it. So, when it is boiled in a coffee maker, it’ll turn crusty. Also, if the pot is not duly washed with care, it’ll catch stain.

I mostly use Coffee makers for making hot water rather than making Coffee. To make milk coffee, try boiling a little bit of water, mix coffee powder with it in a cup, and then pour the milk. It is wise to use water as per the needs to avoid a bitter taste.

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How to Make Hot Chocolate in a Coffee Urn

Making Hot Chocolate in a coffee urn can be a little tricky, and it brings some hard work with it. So, I’ll suggest not to do it, cleaning a coffee urn is a tough job.

  • Put water in the urn only after the perk cycle is finished. Then stir the powder in it.
  • Use some Hot Chocolate powder as you need.

 Tips: Don’t put the basket or the steel rod back in it. But, most importantly, do not through marshmallows into it.

Now, here comes the hard part of cleaning the machine. But don’t worry as the following method can make the job easy.

  • As soon as you have done the job, fill the urn with cold water, and scrub out.
  • Run a quart of cold water through the spigot.
  • Scrub the little place in the bottom where the steel rod goes, clean it very carefully and as good as possible.

 Tips: Do not leave it for the morning and let the chocolate dry in the urn.


Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers. I hope that it would help you a lot, clearing some ideas about the process.

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When weather demands a cup of hot chocolate, you get it for yourself even at home. That is why I have shown you the process and answer to the question, can you make hot chocolate in a coffee maker? Now, it may seem unconventional and experimental to you.

But experiments make new inventions. So, if you have questions like “will, this goes with this,” I’ll suggest experimenting as long as it is safe. And let me know the result so that I can come up with new ideas and answers for you.

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