How To Choose Coffee Beans- a Definitive Guide

When it comes to coffee, surely, we have different tastes and preferences. I know you like to taste different types of beans, but you have that one kind or two that you really like. One might just like a specific type because he/she is not familiar with other varieties. 

“So, How To Choose Coffee Beans Wisely

Now, let me give you an idea of the different coffee beans so you could make more flair on your coffee breaks. It’s also good to get familiar with these beans. When you go to coffee shops, you’ll see a lot of coffee mixing to prepare them with the prefect coffee maker, right? By familiarizing the beans, you’ll have an idea on what types of coffee to order. In that way, you’ll enjoy more of your coffee because you’re quite sure of what beans your coffee are made and their possible taste.

Actually, I cannot recommend what you have to choose. Every type of coffee bean has its own taste, and choosing the bean is a matter of preference.

Now, let’s get started.

Fresh Roasted Coffee Bean

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If you haven’t tried freshly roasted beans because you’re already good with stuff that you get from the supermarket, then I can say you’ve missed something which aroma cannot be compared. The richness of coffee diminishes after roasting. Normally, the freshness of roasted beans last up to 2 weeks, so if you buy something from the supermarket, the coffee’s intense flavor might already have gone. And the taste would be much different. So here’s a tip: check the roasted-on date and be sure to consume the coffee within a couple of weeks from that date.

Whole Coffee Bean

Whole beans are coffee beans which are not yet ground. These are freshly harvested and the flavor and freshness of such beans are of great taste.

Balance of Flavor

If you are going to describe a truly good coffee, it should contain a natural sweetness that you might taste on your every taste, a balance acids, and a satisfying mouthfeel that makes your every cup of great taste, without being bitter. So, what’s the tip? You look for roasters who are good at sourcing and are meticulous in their roasting.

Where the Beans Come From

Did you know that coffees are cultivated in tropical areas, and a lot of countries have been producing different varieties because of high demand in the market? Yes, so you have to check on where your favorite coffee beans come from. If you happen to experience a bad taste, look on where it come from and see to it not to buy again coffees come from the same country/region. There are countries who produce coffee just because of the demand in the market, but the quality of the coffee bean are poor due to unfit weather for growing coffee beans.

5LB Cafe Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee Signature Blend - Medium-Dark Roast Coffee - Whole Bean Coffee - 5 Pound (5lb ) Bag

Roast Styles

How your coffee beans are roasted greatly affect the taste of your coffee. Too much roasting makes the bitterness of the bean awful which can be tasted when brewed.

Labels and Certifications

Usually, when we go to the shop, we tend to check the labels of all things we plan to buy. So, with these coffee beans. There are labels that indicate certifications from organizations saying that such brand is good, can be trusted, safe, and even some awards received because of their extraordinary taste and best of production. Looking at these labels will give you an idea how good these brands are.

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