How To Choose Coffee Grinder: an Extraordinary Lessson

Are you a coffee lover? The one who tends to take more than 2 cups of coffee a day? Someone who likes to experiment the mixing of coffee? If you are, then maybe you should own a coffee grinder too along with your coffee maker.

Coffee beans are not brewed directly. You have to bust them up in order for its great taste to come out when you finally make your coffee. That's why you need a grinder. Although there are lots of ground coffee beans out there, it's still best that you know how to grind ones. Grinding coffee could be a good start in experimenting your coffee mix and blending them.

Here's what: You can buy coffee grinders anywhere in the appliance and department stores. But not all of them provides good performance in grinding your beans. Below are some things you need to look into when choosing a good coffee grinder:

  • Consistency in Grinding. Choose a grinder that provides the same grind very time you use it. If you use blade grinders, there should not be chunks left in the grinder
  • Versatile. If you have enough budget, you can choose a grinder that allows you to grind in different types such as for Turkish and espresso brews, coarser grinds for drip and French press such as Burr Grinder. Unlike Blade grinder with only a few and basic options, Burr Grinder allows you to grind for various coffee mixing and blending.
  • Easy To Clean. Choose grinders which are designed to be easily wiped with cloth or damp. It's more convenient to clean than those that require maneuvering a brush. It is also important that the burr in burr grinders are easy to clean. Be careful in using soap to avoid soapy aftertaste.
  • In the case of Blade Grinders, see to it that the grinder's lid is also a ground-coffee receptacle.
  • Quiet Operation. There are grinders that produce annoying sounds when they grind. But if you can tolerate such noise, you can choose these kinds. But many still prefer those with quiet operation.
  • Durable. Look into grinders which are stainless steel in construction as well as with all-metal drive train. These kinds surely are durable and would last longer than other types.

But hey! Before you click and place and order your grinder, you should know well the grinders you are eyeing:

  • If you are that person who simply drinks coffee without any hassle, then go for a Blade Grinder. But if you're not just a plain coffee lover who loves to blend, mix, and make every cup of coffee an exciting day, then go for a burr grinder. Ooops! Burr Grinder is a bit steeper in price, so make sure you have the enough budget.
  • But if you own a coffee shop or a restaurant may be, then you should own both Blade and Burr Grinders. Surely, you have customers with different preferences in coffee and I know you don't want to frustrate them.
  • Think about the price. You should be wise when choosing a grinder. There are cheaper grinders with good performances in grinding coffee beans. You should make a good research or read great and honest reviews online.
Blake Elliott

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