Cuisinart DGB-650BC Grind And Brew Automatic Coffee Maker Review

A perfect cup of coffee kick starts the day for all of us. A perfect coffee is a culmination of flawless brewing, just the right amount of water, compelling aroma coupled with unparalleled flavor. There are only a few coffee makers that can make you a tasty cup of coffee. Cuisinart Dgb-650BC is one of them, and it belongs to the best coffee maker list.

Attributes: Cuisinart DGB-650BC Grind And Brew Automatic Coffee Maker Review

Cuisinart Dgb-650BC Coffee Maker is packed with features to benefit you. Among the highlights, this coffee maker comes with a thermal design with stainless steel. The machine remains cool on the outside thanks to the handles. It has significant perks that make it a top choice for coffee addicts.

Let us go over them in this Cuisinart DGB-650BC Review article.

Filter Chamber & Grinder Suit Multiple Cups

The filter chamber this machine has, works like a charm. The grinder is a permanent one using gold-tone technology which can easily be removed. Also, the charcoal based filter takes the waste out from your drink to keep it healthy and the flavor intact.

You can use it continuously for 10 cups of coffee at a time. With this, getting “Used Grounds out of the System” is easy when you are looking to grind a new batch of beans.

This is helpful when you are doing the grinding for more than four cups at once. If you want to grind for lesser cups, try “1 – 4 Grinding Setting” it has.

Thermal Carafe Keeps the Coffee Warm

Cuisinart Dgb-650BC features a steel-made thermal carafe that will prevent your coffee from getting cold. For the people who drink more than three cups a day, the feature saves time as you don’t have to brew one every time you need one.

The insulated carafe is shielded with double walls. Also, coffee doesn’t drip from it. There is a lid to prevent air build up in the coffee and preserve the flavor.

Auto Shut-off and Automated Time Setting Work Great

Cuisinart Dgb-650BC Coffee Maker has an “Auto Shut-off” Feature. Now even if you brew the coffee and leave the machine on, it can turn itself off automatically. The machine is great when you want coffee at a particular time. Just set the timer and it will brew a cup of coffee at the exact time for you.

You can also “Pause the Brewing and Serve Coffee” in between to make yourselves a cup of coffee with the press of a button. That way, you won’t have to wait for the carafe to be filled. It works great when you are busy and in a hurry and need your coffee in a jiffy.

Easy to Use Control Panel

Cuisinart DGB 650-BC has a digital control panel that is easy to interact with. Just pressing the buttons activate “Auto On/Off”.

You can adjust the tiny showerhead that is inside to make sure water is evenly distributed through the grounds and your coffee is rich in taste as well as the fragrance.

There is an LED system that displays the clock and the readings on the buttons clearly. A quick glance over the manual booklet will be really helpful before operating this device.


  • Comes with a bigger compartment for grinding coffee than other models of this brand
  • The filter basket holds off the impurities to clear out space in the main compartment for brewing coffee
  • The hinge on this model’s filter is built to last long. It even has a lid to keep the filter in place
  • There is a small window pane through which you can monitor the brewing process and take steps accordingly


  • Few consumers have reported that it malfunctions after a few months
  • It might not be suitable for commercial using

Features at a Glance

  • Automatic coffeemaker
  • Thermal stainless-steel carafe
  • Charcoal water filter

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Final Verdict

Cuisinart DGB 650-BC Coffee Maker is your machine within the price range.

It perfectly balances the Quality with Style. With the 3 years of warranty, it rivals the best brands available on the market. Also, Cuisinart DGB 650-BC is widely praised by users who have tried it. It is the ideal device when you are looking for a small yet great coffee maker at your disposal.

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