French Press vs Coffee Maker: Tips For the coffee lover

Who doesn’t love their coffee fine flavored and sweet? If you do then you got to know the type of machine that is right for you to make your coffee making moment easier and comfortable. Is it French Press or Drip Coffee Maker?

Initially, only the baristas could brew a cup of coffee that is sweetened with the right flavor. The availability of these machines in almost every shop has however made it possible for any ordinary person to make a cup of coffee from the comfort of their homes.

These two machines are beneficial in their own ways. It all depends on you. How do you like the taste of your coffee?

So let us help you make the best choice, shall we?

French Press

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It is a simply designed coffee making machine differently known to other people as a plunger or press pot. It is cylindrical and it contains a glass container with a handle.

Despite its name, the machine is of Italian origin. Designer Attilio Calimani first patented it in 1929 before going through numerous changes and receiving attention throughout Europe.

What are the Benefits?


French Press allows its users to brew coffee depending on what individual taste they like. What makes it even more advantageous is that users can regulate the size and type of coffee grounds used. The total time that it takes for coffee grounds to be soaked and the water temperature can also be checked.

This machine also takes less time; approximately 5-8 minutes to brew compared to a coffee maker which takes 5-10 minutes.


This is distinctive only to French Press that it holds the natural oils from the coffee grounds. These are the oils that give coffee the optimum taste. Unlike the coffee maker, the French Press does not use a filter, therefore, sieving of the natural flavor does not occur.


French Press has basic beaker which does not require electrical connections. This makes it small enough to be carried in a bag. You can brew your coffee anywhere any time! Simply heat the water using an external heat source and pour it into the press.

What about the benefits of a coffee maker?

1. It is Automatic

So many activities are involved while using French Press which need a high level of concentration. This is different with drip coffee maker. You don’t have to involve yourself in a lot of thinking. You can even wake up in the middle of the night to make your coffee. You just pour the coffee grounds into the machine, press the button and wait for your coffee to be ready.

2. Simple to Use

You can never miss the steps when using the drip coffee maker machine. As long as you have the right amount of ground coffee, put it into the machine then check the water level and your work is done. You will come back to check on your coffee as soon as it is ready.

With the French Press there is a lot you need to put in mind; the temperature of the water, how long it will take to brew the coffee, amount of coffee ground and the plunge rate.

3. High capacity of brews

On average the drip coffee maker can produce twelve cups of coffee in one round. French Press only allows two to four cups. However, there are some versions that will make up to eight cups.

So which one is better?

The decision lies totally with you depending on how you want your coffee. Let’s first look at the major undoing of each one of these machines before making your decision.

The French Press

  • Does not use a filter so it may not favor coffee users who do not like that oily feel of the coffee.
  • Does not have a heat plate. This means your coffee may not remain hot for a long time and if you won’t drink right away it could go to waste.
  • Produces a relatively low amount of brew compared to the drip coffee maker.

Coffee Maker

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  • Can be a letdown if the electricity or the heating components fail.
  • Doesn’t produce nobler coffee drinks for instance espressos and café mochas.
  • Takes a little longer to brew.

If the fancy flavored brew is your type then go for French Press. It gives you control over many variables and option to make your coffee exactly how you want it. Old school type of coffee lovers can settle for a coffee maker. Not everyone is a fancy type.

Additionally, if you need a continuous supply of coffee the whole day without making fresh one every time then coffee maker is a good match for you.

Final Verdict

It is much easier now to decide what coffee making machine you want to go for. The type you prefer is subject to your lifestyle. However, there is no need of you restricting yourself only to one type. Who knows? Maybe you may like both of them. The experience with each of them will have you make a better decision.

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