How To Choose The Best Grind and Brew Coffee Maker [Ultimate Guide]

One of the biggest issues that coffee lovers have with pre-ground coffee is the fact that it loses most of its flavor and aroma before it reaches your mug. So what can you do about this? You can’t reverse the oxidization process once it has happened. In this case, I would advise you to grind your coffee right before brewing it, so that you can enjoy a much better tasting cup of coffee.

Unless you enjoy the process of hand grinding your coffee beans, I would suggest that you go with a grind and brew coffee maker. This convenient coffee maker comes with a grinder, so that you can have a fresh and delicious cup of coffee at any time of the day.

There are numerous grind and brew coffee makers available on the market, and they all differ in quality, design, and cost. It is, therefore, my job to give you all the tools that you need to find the best grind and brew coffee maker for your coffee needs. So read on for a great buying guide.

How Does It Work?

Before I outline the grind and brew coffee maker buying guide, I would just like to explain to you how these coffee makers work. A grind and brew machine has a hopper to hold your coffee beans, and when you are ready for your cup of coffee the machine will grind the beans and then run hot water through the grind.

The coffee will then be poured into your cup, so that you have a fresh hot beverage whenever you like.

How To Choose The Best Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

Before selecting your grind and brew coffee maker, I urge you to consider the factors that I have detailed below.

Burr Grinders vs Wheel Grinders

A grind and brew coffee maker is basically a standard coffee maker with an in-built grinder. The grinder of the coffee maker is extremely important, as it determines how well your beans will be cut. There are two main grinder types; the wheel (blade) grinder and the burr grinder.

The burr grinder is better for you than the wheel grinder, as it provides a more consistent coffee bean cut for even coffee grinds. Additionally, burr grinders do not heat up during the grinding process, meaning that the taste of the grinds is not altered. Lastly, burr grinders are simple to clean, which is very convenient for you.

Thermal Carafe

The next big decision you need to make concerns the thermal carafe, which is an essential part of a grind and brew coffee maker. The job of the thermal carafe is to hold the coffee that is prepared by the coffee maker and to keep it warm until you drink it. I would recommend for you to get a thermal carafe as opposed to an open pot, as it will retain the flavor of the coffee instead of diminishing it.

Timer Option

When selecting your grind and brew coffee maker, you should go with the option that comes with a timer. So why is a timer important in your coffee maker? Simply put, a timer allows the machine to automatically prepare fresh coffee at preset times. Simply program the timer, and then wait for your coffee to be prepared. This convenient feature means that you can wake up each morning to a fresh cup of coffee.


Convenience is a big part of the grind and brew selection. Firstly, you need to ensure that the grinder is detachable, so that you can easily take it out whenever you need to clean it. Secondly, the coffee maker that you choose should be easy to maintain, and this is mainly determined by the design of a machine.

If the grinder is right above the brewer, then the steam coming from the brewer would go directly to the grinder. This would make maintenance a headache, and it is therefore prudent to go with an easy to maintain design.

Auto Shutoff

Sometimes you will get caught up in a hectic schedule, and as a result you will forget to shut off your grind and brew coffee maker. It is therefore imperative that you go with a coffee maker that has an auto shut off feature, so that you do not have to worry about whether or not the coffee maker is off. This feature will automatically turn off your coffee maker when it has not been used for a certain duration, meaning that the burden is lifted off your shoulders.


The brand is also another factor to consider, as the market is composed of different brands with a lot of benefits to offer. Firstly, we have Cuisinart, which makes high-quality grind and brew machines that will make your coffee on the go.

We also have Breville, which is known for its user-friendly machines with adjustable features for simple coffee preparation. We cannot forget Krups, which manufactures top notch grind and brew coffee makers for quick and precise coffee preparation. Lastly, we have Capresso, which is known for its innovative coffee makers that are extremely simple to use.

Programmable Settings

Always opt for a grind and brew machine with programmable settings, so that you can enjoy coffee to you exact specifications. More specifically look for a strength selector function, which allows you to determine the coarseness of your coffee. With this function you can opt for very strong tasting coffee, medium strength coffee, and mild/weak coffee.

Water Filters

The coffee maker that you choose should have water filters, so that all impurities in your water can be removed. The most popular filter for grind and brew coffee makers is a charcoal water filter, which efficiently reduces impurities and improves the taste of your coffee. If you do not want to be constantly buying new paper filters, look for a machine with reusable filters.


If you are looking for a coffee maker that comes with an in-built grinder, then I would definitely suggest that you get yourself a grind and brew coffee maker. This type of maker will ensure that all the coffee you drink tastes like perfection. So go ahead and use the buying guide above to find the perfect grind and brew machine for you.

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