Mr. Coffee Troubleshooting – A detailed guide for solution

Mr. Coffee coffee makers have been around for some time now. They are a strong reputable brand that has become so popular probably because of their affordability and performance.

Their coffee makers are some of the best coffee makers in the market. Their durability is guaranteed as long as they are well-taken care. Proper care, maintenance, and proper use is definitely the key to a long-lasting trouble-free coffee maker.

However, being an electronic machine, you cannot miss an issue here and there. Some of the commonly asked questions that you might also encounter include: 

A unit that turns on but is not brewing

Check the power switch if it is on/off and if working properly.

Check if the water is enough, your coffee maker will not start if the water is too little. Always check the water level from the water-level gauge at the front side of the pot. If the level is low, add more water and start the brewer again.

Improper positioning of the filter could be another reason. Check if the filter is aligned and well placed.

Why is my Cold coffee?

If your coffee is not heating up, then check if there is power. Could be that your machine is off, your cord is not properly plugged or there is an electrical fault with the machine or the power source.

It could also be that the auto-shutoff was activated because the machine has not been in use for long. You cannot deactivate this function, the solution is to remove the current pot and re-brew new coffee.

If you have tried all of the above and everything is working fine but your coffee is still cold, check the warming plate. It could be faulty and needs to be replaced.

How do I use the delay brew function?

First, make sure you set the clock to the actual time. Set your desired brew time which can be anytime within 24 hours brew in advance. Then prepare your machine to be all set with water, ground coffee, and filter. Don’t forget the carafe.

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Why is my ground coffee or coffee overflowing?

One, the filter could be improperly placed. When a filter is properly placed, then the lid should close with ease and the tabs should effortlessly fit into their holes without any overflowing or mess.

Two, you may have put too many coffee grounds. Remove all the ground coffee and put the recommended amount only.

If your coffee is overflowing then check the position of the pot if it is properly aligned. Also, check if the spout is either broken or damaged.

Why are there coffee grounds in my coffee?

It could be that the filter was deformed or it collapsed allowing coffee grounds to flow into the decanter.

Also, check if the filter is well placed.

Why is the base of the machine surrounded by water?

Could be that you poured a lot of water, check the water level gauge to confirm the level. Do not exceed the maximum mark.

Check the tubing at the bottom of the machine; it could either be loose or damaged due to too many movements or heavy use.

Why is there a leak from the heating coil?

It could be that the heating coil is damaged from using strong abrasive cleaning detergents.

It could be from overflowing water. To be certain of the source of the leak, turn the coffee maker over, unscrew the screws from the bottom of the machine and try and locate the source.

My coffee maker won’t turn on

Check if there is power and if it is on.

How do I clean my dirty machine?

A dirty machine can be a reason why your machine is not turning on. You can clean at home using white vinegar. What you do, fill the pot with 5 cups of vinegar and then hold the start button down for about 3-4 minutes. When the coffee maker starts heating up, pour the vinegar into the filter. Finally, rinse the machine with clean water to rinse out the vinegar taste and smell.

Final Words

Before you toss away your coffee machine or run to the electrician, ensure you have troubleshot it first, some of these problems are just a minute fixes.

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  1. I fill water level to 12 cups. When brewing completed, the level is at 10 cups…???I have assured the lid is closed completely.


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