How To Perfectly Make an Instant Coffee: an Expert’s Suggestion

To all the coffee drinkers out there! Admit it! There is no other relaxing way than having a coffee break. And aside from the relaxing feeling, it gives us, it also has benefits to our body. In fact, studies show that drinking coffee improves our energy levels and can make you smarter? Hmmm sounds interesting! Do Albert Einstein is a coffee drinker, too?

Anyway, drinking organic tasting instant coffee is a good way to drink our favorite readily without grinding and brewing the beans or coffee granules. And because most of the people who are always on the go want to be energetic, they prefer to make an instant coffee to save time.

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Offering the strongest flavored instant coffee to your guests is also easier. Just make sure that you’re not just simply opening a sachet of instant coffee, put a little sugar, add boiling water, stir, then poof! You can have a drink for your guest.

Here’s what: We all know that there is a big difference in brewed and instant coffees when it comes to taste. But did you know? You can also make your instant coffee the best taste with some tricks! Yes! And I’m gonna share to you my secret.

What Are The Secrets For Your Instant Coffee?

Get this: a lot of people may not know that there’s a lot of difference when you use freshly boiled water than that from thermos or water dispenser. Believe me! It affects the taste of your coffee because the freshly boiled water dissolves the powder more than that which are not freshly boiled. Plus, such water elicits the tasty and yummy aroma of your coffee.

How does it work? Well, every time you boil the water, oxygen escapes and the water changes taste. You get exactly the same effect when you cook or make a tea.

Now, let’s get into the coffee itself. How many teaspoons of coffee do you need to achieve that great taste?

Remember this: Measuring liquids in a scoop has a different amount when you measure granules in the same teaspoon. In the same manner, a flour in a tablespoon may differ in the amount on that of the teaspoon of sugar. Why, because sugar comes in granules while the latter comes in powder. Thus, the volume of every substance that can sit on a teaspoon could be different because of the texture of every substance.

So, if one brand tells you that you need a teaspoon, think well. You can try the taste first because it may mean a heaped, a rounded, or a level teaspoon which offers a different taste.

Another thing is: You can add an extra ingredient to your ready made instant coffee once in a while. Well, just to make some fun change to your normal coffee routine. Some may use cream or sugar (well, these are the most popular).

But do you know that there are other ingredients that could give an extra flair to your cup? Yes, you can and they definitely taste amazing. Consider these ingredients:

  • Cardamom
  • Salt
  • Cinnamon
  • Butter
  • ​Coco milk
  • Vanilla extract
  • Ice cream


Are you a bit of surprised? Yes! They can all give your coffee the best taste ever. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Even fruits are added to freeze dried coffee for greater taste!

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