Why is Coffee Called Java? Colloquial Coffee Synonyms

Every time you grab your favorite cup of coffee, the aroma is refreshing, rich and the fresh smell lifts your mood. But how much do you know about your Coffee Synonym? Most of us are used to words like cappuccino, espresso, jamocha, Joe, plus a lot more.

But, ever wondered why is coffee called Java? This piece retorts further and helps you get an in-depth understanding of some other colloquial coffee synonyms. Let us get into it.

Why is Coffee Called Java?

Yes, we know JavaScript as a computer programming language but that is not where the influence of Java stops, it all started in far away shores. Java derives its name from an Indonesian island in Southeast Asia between Bali and Sumatra.

Back in the 1600s, The Dutch could carry Arabica coffee seeds and plant them in estates in Sumatra, Bali and many others. The Dutch East India Company tested and analyzed the coffee seedlings before bringing it to Batavia, former capital City of Java Island and the modern day Jakarta in 1696.

By 1706 first samples of Java coffee could be sent to Amsterdam for further testing along with other types of coffee plants. This saw later mass transportation of this species to United States, Canada and other parts of Europe by ship in the 19th and 20th centuries.

As a result, its popularity amongst its consistent consumers widened. To improve its transportation, infrastructure on the island was fast upgraded helping develop the island. For the Dutch Indonesian colonizers, the interest was to exploit this coffee. This was for both commercial use and agricultural expansion through forced labor.

Coffee trees grown in Java Island stuck most with many because it later became a major supply source for all exports to other countries. So coffee lovers could, “where is this from”? And the generic answer was “Java”. Java means the distant or home. Why some credit its popularity to the wider consumption in other parts of the world like Brazil.

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Although it comes from offshore lands, once you take it, it makes you feel right at home. Until today, coffee is grown in Java plantations like Blawan, Pancoer, Djampit, and Kayumas which makes up the 85% Java production from East Asia. They take it in for processing before worldwide distribution and consumption.

It makes Indonesia remain the world’s fourth-largest coffee producer just after Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia. Java Island is occupied by the elite class with the lower class practicing Java farming in estates. It is at the equator in a mountainous location at an altitude of 1,400 meters on the ljen Plateau. It enjoys other geographical benefits like fertile land which provides a microclimatic favorable habitat for growing Java coffee.

Today, it is wetly processed to do away with its fruity material for a memorable taste. Java Arabica has a heavy bubbling body also bright and acidic with a nutty aroma. It is malty, chocolate with sweet flavors.

Other colloquial coffee synonyms

Also, coffee enjoys diverse tags from other colloquial synonyms for all wide range of reasons.

Coffee as the “cup of Joe”

Ever heard of the common phrase, ‘ready for the cup of joe’? Or a sizzling mug of Java? Right after Java, the word Joe has become widely embraced thanks to Coffee’s morning awakening aroma and hearty rich flavor. Its fresh smell lifts the mood of millions across the globe.

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But why ‘Joe’

That is largely a mystery but several theories try to explain in different ways. However, one argues it relates to the 1914 ban on alcohol on U.S Naval ships, a directive imposed by Secretary of the Navy Josephus “Joe” Daniels.

This was in the pre-world war I times. ‘Joe’ was the striking cup of coffee any sailor could enjoy at the time while aboard a ship. After the ban, some argue the sailors were distasteful of the ban with a ‘cup of Joe’ ban branding the major parts of the ensuing protests.

Additional Colloquial Coffee Synonyms include;

• Dirt
• Mud
• Brew
• Cuppa
• Daily grind
• Lifeblood
• Tar
• Rocket fuel
• Worm dirt
• café noir
• forty weight
• hot stuff
• battery acid
• café
• C8H10N4O2 (Caffeine Molecule)
• Café au lait among many words some of which are slang terms.

How many terms can we use for coffee e.g. is java another word for coffee, does java mean coffee, why do we call java as coffee or why do we call coffee a cup of joe? There are more synonymous colloquial arisen in our mind about the coffee brew.

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