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I don’t remember starting my day without a warm sip of coffee. But none of the sips had ever kicked my dopamine levels at such extent the way an espresso did! On its very first gulp, I felt like, this drink is my thing.

I was sure that I wanted to enjoy the same taste over and over. While looking out for some of the modern espresso machines, I figured out that they cost pretty high! My reaction was like, “why are espresso machines so expensive?”

And that’s how I started knowing about this outstanding invention. To understand why is the cost of the espresso machine is so high, let’s dive into this article!

History of Espresso Machines

Why Are Espresso Machines So Expensive

Luigi Bezzera, a Milanese engineer, was an extraordinary personality who invented the espresso machine. It was November 18, 1901, when this man invented the ‘caffeine hero’. Yet, the first espresso machine needed human power to create enough pressure.

Desiderio Pavoni, an Italian industrialist had first gotten the license of producing Bezzera coffee machines in 1903. He discovered the La Pavoni company and started manufacturing coffeemakers and espresso machines.

The rise of espresso consumption was related to the urbanization of Italy. The Italians would then to socialize in espresso bars and cafes. Pavoni and Victoria Arduino coffee makers had a great contribution in spreading this culture in the 20’s era. The word ‘espresso’ has derived from Italian reference, pretty relevant to the English word ‘express’.

What are the Espresso Machine Types?

You can find a great divergence in the variety of Espresso machines. As an espresso fan, even I want to get an espresso machine at my doorsteps. Before getting one, anyone has to be aware of the varieties in it. Let’s discuss-

Single Boiler

The name of it defines what functions the machine executes. The single water boiler both steams with the wand and extracts the beans with the help of its portafilter. Steaming requires a much higher temperature than brewing does. This means pulling shots on a single boiler won’t be as swift as the other ones.

The cost of an espresso machine is no longer a threat as you have this inexpensive option. If you’re looking for a homemade taste in espresso, then single boilers can be the right choice.

Double Boiler

As I’ve chronicled the function of a single boiler, it’ll be easy for you to understand how a double boiler works. Double boiler espresso machine features two water boilers. One for the steam wand and another for extracting the shots.

You can choose between which temperature to go for. As we all know, the temperature has a huge impact on the taste of your espresso shot. This specific category lets you brew and steam much faster also.

Automatic Espresso Machine

Automatic espresso machines start the brewing process when you push the button. As the machine can control the water supply, you need a very little experience to operate it.

The automatic ones prevent overfilling and ensure a constant volume in each serving. Anyone can rely on automatic espresso machines for professional use.

Super-automatic espresso machine

The super-automatic espresso machine is probably the best among all other espresso machine types. Push the start button and it grinds and measures the coffee, puts water into the machine. This machine can brew every type of coffee you can ever think of.

Super-automatic ones are a bit costly, but this expensive espresso machine is worth every penny. You can use it in your cafe and restaurant for the best results. No wonder why are espresso machines so expensive.

How Much is an Espresso Machine?

Owning an espresso machine is the ultimate dream of every espresso lover. You will often see a coffee junkie whispering, “I wish I had an espresso machine at home!”

Whenever we look at the price tag of the machine, we step back. Enjoying a fresh espresso shot on a Sunday brunch no more seems like reality anymore.

“Is an espresso machine worth it?”
“Are expensive coffee makers worth it?”

The price of the machine depends on what sort of services it offers. Espresso machines come in a large variety for both professional and personal use. If you’re looking for professional use, it might need a great investment. But for personal usage, you can go for the cheaper ones.

Economical Espresso Machine

Espresso machine under 200 is the best choice for customers on a budget. They can provide you up to 15 shots at a time. They come with a water capacity of 48 ounces. If you’re opt to buy an espresso machine for the very first time, you can go for it.

Decent Espresso Machine

You can get a super-automatic espresso machine on a budget under $300. Such machines will feature built-in grinders which are very worthy. The unit has electric pumps and automated boiler control as well. The machine will require only 5-10 minutes to prepare your coffee.

High-end Espresso Machine

With a price range a bit higher, you enjoy some more features than the economical ones offer. Espresso machine under 500 is mostly semi-automatic. Some of the highlighted features that you’ll enjoy are Thermo coil and PID control. It’s a good option for both experienced and amateur users.

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Final Words

I bet you’ve never known so much about coffeemakers and espresso machines. This article can be your ultimate guide if you’re looking for an A-1 espresso machine. From on-budget to high-end, I’ve comprehended every issue topic here.

There are several espresso machines available on the market. But not all are worth your valuable riches. I hope you’ve now understood why are espresso machines so expensive. If you have any further questions, comment below. This article is your best friend if you’re an espresso maniac.

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