Can You Use Whipping Cream in Coffee – Is It Bad for Health?

Sometimes just a sip of coffee is everything you need to go on. But you must admit as a coffee enthusiast that just a cup of coffee might get boring from time to time. In those times, you have to be a little creative and add some spice to your recipe. Because boredom makes people creative.  And that is how dalgona coffee or whipped coffee was on-trend in lockdown.

Apart from this dalgona, have you ever tried to go a bit farther like Irish coffee or tried cinnamon powder in your coffee? Or have you ever wonder can you use whipping cream in coffee? Let’s see how it goes on if you do.

What Whipped Cream Is

Whipped cream, also known as heavy cream, is the thick and fatty part that rises above the fresh milk. It usually skimmed off from the milk while manufacturing.

What packet you buy from the store labeled “whipped cream” is usually contains about 30% to 35% milkfat. You have to whisk the milk to turn into whipped cream. When you whisk, the fat molecules join together and form air pockets. This is the thing we are talking about adding to our coffee mixture.

How to Use Heavy Whipped Cream in Coffee

There are several ways you can use whipped cream in coffee. Amongst those, Irish coffee is the fanciest one. Let us see some of the recopies, and then you will be able to tell Can you use whipping cream in coffee or not.

Method 1

This one is the simplest one, and this is not even a recipe. For this, make your usual coffee. You can use instant coffee as well or even cream or milk to make the coffee. What you are going to use cream vs. milk that’s completely your choice. Pour it into the mug and drip some whipped cream on the top, and your coffee with whipped cream is ready.

Method 2

This method is also for those who ask how to make coffee with cream instead of milk. This time make your whipped cream first. Take a chilled bowl and beater and make the whipped cream from heavy cream milk. And some coffee grins and sugar into it and beat it again.

Take two teaspoons of the mixture and put it into a mug. Pour milk into it, or even you can also pour hot water for a lighter texture. You can also add some vanilla essence. And the delicious coffee is ready.

Method 3

You need four ingredients for this. Irish whisky, coffee, sugar, and whipped cream. First, pour some hot water into the mug to make it warm and keep it aside. Make some freshly brewed coffee and pour it into the warm mug. Add some sugar as per your taste. Now add a little amount of coffee to dissolve the sugar.

Now add about two ounces of Irish whisky, and then pour the rest of the coffee slowly. Remember not to fill the mug completely. Because the rest of the mug, you have to fill it with whipped cream. And your classic drink is ready.  

Whipped cream in your coffee? Good or Bad?

Can You Use Whipping Cream in Coffee

We always hear that fat is not good for our body. As whipped cream contains 30% to 35% fat so logically, it is not good for our body either. But that’s not the case here.

Fat is not always bad for our bodies. Instead of fat, the word should be carbohydrate. Fats and proteins are good for our body when we avoid carbohydrates. In fact, you can use heavy whipping cream in coffee for weight loss.

That’s why the ketogenic diet suggests you to eat more fat and protein.  One of the most famous coffee recipes for a ketogenic diet is bullet coffee, which contains whipped cream. So, it is actually good for our body, and cream or milk in coffee for weight loss is not that crazy thing to hear any more.


Final Thought

If you are a coffee lover, coffee is one of the best things that can happen in a day to you surely. As it is a regular thing, adding whipped cream can make it the regular thing into a treat you can look for from time to time.

As it is not a very regular thing, the question sometimes arises that Can you use whipping cream in coffee. After reading this, surely you know the answer now. It is time to try it and taste the heavenly feel of some creamy textured coffee.

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