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If you are a coffee freak person and add cream, milk, or sugar to your coffee, you may think, how do people drink black coffee? It is so beneficial to health, and you will be surprised that it contains almost zero calories.

So, you can think to alternate your creamy coffee with a black coffee. All you need to do is a determination to avoid dairy in your coffee drink. It may hard for you to switch the habit, but it is not impossible.

Are you ready for the change? If you agree, then read the article to find a way to drink black coffee.

How to Make Black Coffee?

Before learning the making process of black coffee, first, know what black coffee is? So, black coffee has been brewed with only water and ground coffee without using any milk, dairy substitute, or any cream. It can be made with sugar or without sugar according to one’s preference.

Now, come to the question of how you can make coffee black?

Here, the ingredients you will need for making a cup of coffee:

  1. Water
  2. Ground coffee
  3. A cup
  4. Sugar
  5. Spoon to stir.


  • For grinding coffee by your own, take coffee and grind them till they are as fine as sea salt;
  • Then, boil the measured water; 
  • Add some sugar with coffee in your serving glass;
  • Now, pour a little amount of water into a cup and stir it; after then add more water to mix coffee with water well;

So, your coffee is ready; you can enjoy it now. We have shown the easiest pour-over method where the water temperature, brewing time, or pour speed; everything is in your control. But if you have any coffee machine like a French press, drip method, etc., you can easily make your cup of coffee.

How Do People Drink Black Coffee and Enjoy It?

how do people drink black coffee

Now, come to the point of how to drink black coffee. For your query, we are giving some points.

1. Start with Bulletproof Coffee

At first, you can start drinking black coffee with bulletproof coffee. You may be habituated to coffee with milk, cream, or sugar, so this is the best way to switch your habit to black coffee. Bulletproof coffee is made with high-quality coffee, butter, and coconut oil. It is so healthy that it enhances our cognitive function and boost our energy.

2. Reducing the amount of dairy or sugar

So, drinking black coffee, you need to reduce milk, creamer, or sugar from your coffee.

Step 1: Retrain the amount of dairy:

You can learn how to drink black coffee by gradually retraining the amount of dairy you add to it. You can note how much cream or milk you add to your typical cup of coffee and then, the next day, add a little less and slowly reduce it.

Step 2: Reducing sugar:

Same as the reduction process of dairy, you can also reduce sugar. But you can use some alternatives like cinnamon, cocoa powder, or vanilla extract.

3. Preferable coffee beans

More than 100 types of coffee plants are available, but two categories of beans have taken most of the market. They are Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica is the most common coffee bean, and the second most common coffee bean is Robusta. It is totally up to you what types of beans you will choose. So select your preferable bean and enjoy your cup with it.

4. Types of Roast

Roasting is an important part of the coffee process that helps turn the beans into aromatic and brown, and they are roasted at extremely high temperatures to bring out the flavor, aroma, and oils.

There you can make a different type of roast Like:

· Light roast: When you will roast the beans for the shortest time, you will get light cinnamon color beans. If you don’t like black coffee for its bitterness, then you can have a light roast.

· Medium roast: It has a light to medium brown color. Medium roast produces a sweet flavor than the light one.

· Dark roast: This roast is a very dark color, and it produces the most bitter-tasting coffee. If you like hard flavor, then go for the dark roast. It gets flavor from the roasting process.

5. Different sizes of grind

Understand different grind sizes that play a major role in the final product’s bitterness and acidity levels. Like Coarse or Fine. 

Coarser grind requires shorter brew time and makes the coffee weaker and lighter. If the grind is too coarse, it can taste sour. On the other hand, finer grind requires longer brew time and too much finer grind makes the coffee too bitter.

6. Different types of brewing method

Many of the flavors and textures that we experience when drinking coffee come from the brewing method. Here are given some: 

  • Drip: For the drip method, you will need an electric coffeemaker. It is useful for the casual coffee drinker. In this process, first, fill the reservoir with water, then add a filter and coffee grounds and switch on the button. Then, the coffee maker will make your coffee drinks.
  • Pour-over: It is very similar to the drip method, but the difference is that pour-over is entirely done by hand. You can fully control the water temperature, pour speed, or brew time.
  • Espresso: Finely ground coffee beans are used to prepare it. In this method, hot water is forced through high pressure and results in a concentrated drink with a thicker consistency.
  • French press: This method is a very popular at-home brewing method as it is also reasonable to buy. In this process, the grounds and hot water are mixed in the French press.



So finally, now you know how do people drink black coffee and what you need to do to switch your drinking habit to black coffee. Hopefully, you read the procedure carefully and try to make black coffee of your own at home. However, try yourself and share with others who also want to bring variation to drinking habits.

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