How to Dispose of A Coffee Maker – Do You Know?

While taking a sip of coffee on the couch, do you realize how much you are contributing to producing e-waste? I guess this is the last thing we are going to consider. But we are actually deteriorating our life and nature by producing 50 million tons of e-waste per year! And coffee brewers are also included in this huge number.

It is high time we took any action and knew how to dispose of a coffee maker! Otherwise, we will doom ourselves in no time!

Many Of Us Still May Presume How E-Waste Can Harm Ourselves!

Let me clear you these electronic gadgets contain an immense amount of heavy metals like lead, cadmium, Arsenic, Mercury, Chromium, Dioxins, and many more. The broken coffee machine parts or any parts of electronic machines are ended up in the landfills.

Then, through bio-accumulation and bio-magnification, heavy metals intrude into the blood vessels.  And this can create congenital disabilities, carcinogenesis, damage the central and peripheral nervous system, and so on.

Again, the amount of lead is 2400 times higher than the standard level, which is detrimental to the water-body lives. So, you have to know what to do with a broken coffee maker for your benefit!

What To Do With Old Coffee Maker?

Go to the repair shop

We all love our first beverage of the day – coffee. These seeds of berries are a great source of antioxidants, reduce type 2 diabetes, and more. When our old coffee brewers get damaged, we tend to put them on the shelves. And buy a new one! What a waste of money! 

You can go to the repair shop to show them what the fault is and recover it. Or, they can change the old ones with some replacement parts. 

Share it with others

Maybe you have lost the charm for your old coffee maker! Yes, this also could happen. Or maybe you are eagerly want to buy another brand or upgrade to the better one. So, you should give your old one to others rather than putting them on the shelves. 

What To Do With A Broken Coffee Machine?

Give them to Goodwill store

Several goodwill stores accept non-working appliances in exchange for money. They sell them at a low price in some shops. Several prominent electronic companies also maintain contact with these stores. Some goodwill stores also recycle coffee maker.

Scrap metal recycler

Give the parts of metal coffee makers to nearby scrap metal recycler. They will use them to make DIY instruments. 

Drop off box 

Sometimes you will see there are some boxes for discarding your broken electronic gadgets. Thus, you can get rid of your broken coffee pot

Local recycling center

These centers work very efficiently to dispose of the broken metals in an eco-friendly way. You can give them too.

The store where you bought your appliance

If you buy your machine from a local shop, you can return it to them. This process may not be possible every time, but you can try it. 

Contact with the manufacturer 

Sometimes manufacturers want the fragments of any machine for their configuration of new ones. You can contact with them. 

How To Dispose Of A Coffee Maker Or A Keurig Brewer?

A tough job indeed!

Keurig or single-serve coffee maker is quite prominent to the coffee lovers. But this way you are contributing to plastic pollution. Since there is mixed plastic in coffee makers, it is difficult to recycle old Keurig machine parts. Again, to recycle Keurig machine and k-cups, you have to peel the aluminum, dump the coffee, and then separate the paper. All of these require a great deal of time and money.

Though Keurig recycle program is heard, it is mainly done in Canada. Thus, the Keurig coffee machine waste of US will stay in the landfills for 450 years. So, avoid this to combat the environmental and physiological effects. 

In the words of Mother Teresa – I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.

Let’s invite us to your home for a coffee party, and we all together will discuss more how to dispose of a coffee maker.

What else can you do?

Generally, the best buy recycle program accepts various types of electronic devices for recycling. But they clearly state that they don’t accept coffee makers. You can check the list of recycling items from their page.

So finally, for those who asked, what can I do with an old coffee maker? Our simple answer to them –  You can sell it in a retailer shop, donate it to others, or give it to the recycling center near you. 

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