Pour Over Coffee Maker Vs French Press: Which Should You Use?

If we ask you, “do you love coffee?’’ The question might seem ridiculous to you. Because you know there is no debate about the benefits of coffee, and you definitely know people usually love coffee so much!

But when we want to know from you, “which is the best option – pour over coffee maker vs French press? Then the answer might be difficult for you, right?

Well, it is really a strong debate which cannot be solved before knowing pour over and French press all about clearly. So, let us clarify things between these two and help you to decide which one to use.

What Is Pour Over Coffee?

An excellent coffee brewing method is pour over. In this method, a filter contains coffee grounds, and hot water is poured on the filter. Then the water drains into a pot or mug through the coffee. That is why it is known as pour over coffee.

It is also known as many other names such as filter coffee, and somewhere it is also known as drip coffee. It’s a popular method of making a cup of hot coffee all around the world.

What Is French Press Coffee?

The coffee which is brewed in French press device is known as French press coffee.
The procedure is very simple. Grinding the coffee grounds is the task you should do at first. Then pour the coffee grounds in the French press pot, add hot water in the right amount, stir with a stirrer to mix the water with coffee grounds evenly.

Then lock the lid on the beaker and wait for 3-4 minutes. And finally, push down the plunger slowly and serve the coffee.

Now you know the basics about pour over vs coffee maker. Let’s get into our main focus point – the differences between French press and pour over coffee machine.

Pour Over Coffee Maker vs French Press – The Differences

When you have to do a competitive analysis between two items, then you should find out the differences between them. Here we also try to get all information about French press vs pour over so that we can reveal the truth which method is best.
Pour over and French press – both have many differences, but we are going to discuss only those facts which help us in taking the right decision between them.

Taste Difference

People like either strong or light flavor of the coffee. Which is your preference? The French press method brings out natural oils. The oils add a strong flavor and give you the true taste of the coffee.

After mixing the water with the coffee grounds, you should wait for 3-4 minutes. At that time, the oils are being released from the ingredients and make it delicious.

On the other hand, the flavor you will get from this method will be lighter than the French press system. The filter doesn’t allow the oils to drain through the filter and thus make the preparation light flavored.

Ease of Use

If you count coffee-making steps on both devices, most probably, you will get the same number. To be honest, both methods are super easy. If you just try for once, you won’t face any difficulty in making procedures with any of the devices.

You have to pay attention more to the coarseness of the ingredients when you are following pour over method. Now decide which method seems easy to you? Why not use and let us know in the comment section.

Brewing Time

Brewing time might be an important criteria for many of us. Sometimes you may need to make the coffee as soon as possible because you have a tight time frame in hand.

Well, usually, the French press requires 4-8 minutes to complete the entire process.

On the other side, you can complete the brewing process within just 3-4 minutes using the pour over method. Now, the decision is yours.

Things You Need

It’s just a matter of time to make a delicious cup of French press coffee. You also need very little things, including French press coffee maker, coffee grounds, hot water, timer, measuring cup, scale, and a thermometer. If you want to make a perfect blend of a cup of coffee, all you need to arrange.

On the contrary, you need a pour over coffee maker, coffee beans, grinder, hot water, a filter, and a scale to make pour over coffee.

Finally, Which One Is Affordable?

Price is always an important fact while buying any product. The price really depends on the quality and the features. The higher the quality and features, the more the price will be.

Pour over coffee maker and French press both you can get at a very low price. But we always recommend getting a standard product always. Definitely, you will find both coffee makers at an affordable price.

However, you can check the price here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Final Verdict

At this point, all the information is in your hand. Now it is the time to select the one from pour over coffee maker vs french press which suits you best. If you just consider the section where the differences pour over coffee vs French press are discussed, you can opt the right option for you.

However, before choosing any coffee maker, don’t forget to think which flavor do you like – strong or light? And finally, choose according to your preference.

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