How to Make French Press – 7 Easy & Secret Tips

We all know what pleasure a good cup of coffee in the morning can bring. There are tons of methods to quench your caffeine cravings. But the French press is way better and easier than many confusing many techniques.

I remember building a soft corner for the French press in my college days. Cramming seemed impossible for me without a coffee shot before the exams. A French press coffee used to bring out my creativity like nothing else.

Yet, French press coffee tasted bitter and murky to me. 10 years later, I understand what was wrong. That’s why it’s time to teach you How to Make French Press.

How to Grind Coffee Beans for French Press

How to Grind Coffee Beans for French Press

A French press is the easiest and cheapest way of getting yourself the right kind of coffee. Even if you’re a noob in the coffee-making work, you can handle the French press. It requires your valuable 3-5 minutes for preparation.

Coffee preparations submerge in debates since time immemorial. From extraction time. the brewing method, grinding size- everything seems to be exact. Yet, the French press is much unfettered from these guidelines.

Grinding coffee beans for the French press requires a good-quality burr grinder. Purchasing a burr grinder for a simple French press coffee may seem baffling. But you can’t get yourself some coarse-ground coffee without a bur grinder.

As a French press follows an immersion technique of brewing, the beans extract more flavor. If you don’t use coarse-ground beans, you may end up over extracting your coffee beans.

How to Heat Water for French Press

None can deny the intensity of the water temperature in a French presser. You can’t maintain the consistency and quality of the coffee without a specific temperature. Using too hot water can make the coffee bitter and too cold water ruins its intensity.

Confused? Don’t be. You can use a thermometer for better understandability. Water starts boiling a 212 degree F.Within a temperature of 195 to 205 degree F, you’re water will be ready. That’s an ideal water temperature for the French press. Pour the water over the coffee for a perfect French press.

Perfect French Press Coffee Ratio

The ratio of water and coffee depends on how strong or mild you like your coffee. We often see a general statement that the water-coffee ratio should be 1:13. But that won’t work for every type of intensity.

If you enjoy your coffee bolder, bitter, and thicker, you can use a 1:10 ratio. And for a lighter taste, give a try to the 1:16 ratio. Yet, try a 1:12 ratio if you’re just starting. For instance, while using 350 grams of water, add 30-gram coffee with it.

How to Make French Press Coffee with Ground Coffee

Using coarse ground coffee in French press coffees is an obligatory rule. The experts follow it to maintain the extraction of flavor. The more soluble the surface is, the better extraction occurs.

Hence, some of the coffee lovers believe that the grind size has nothing to do with the extraction. For many of us, getting a brand-new burr grinder for the French press seems like a wastage. If you intend to use finer ground coffee in this process, let me help you!

In this process, we’d suggest you use 475 ml water every 35g ground coffee. Use some water in the temperature to 200 degrees. You can also perform the process while boiling water and stir it for 30 seconds. Then cover it with lid and insert the plunger a bit.

Within 7-8 minutes, all the coffee particles will end up extracting. While taking the sips of the coffee, avoid the last gulps. They might taste murky and silty.

How Do I Use A French Press Coffee Pot

Who’s not aware of the beauty and aroma of French press coffee? A cylindrical pot with a built-in screen and plunger is what a French press coffee pot looks like. This classy French press coffee maker is also known as a French press coffee pot in Europe and America. 

Making yourself a cup of coffee with a French press is one the most heavenly feeling on earth. Whereas other bold-brew coffee needs tons of preparation steps, this hardly requires any. Take a French press coffee pot and brew your coffee.

In this process, the coffee grains stay in the bottom and the strained coffee stays over it. Pour it and enjoy it! French press coffee is an instant solution for your caffeine cravings. But a perfect French press coffee doesn’t stay long. The experts suggest that you consume it immediately.

Brewing method of French press coffee pot will seem hard if you don’t know how to do it. Let’s you how-

  • Use 7-8 grams of coffee for every 200 ml water in the pot.
  • Pour mild water into the pot and stir gradually.
  • Carefully edge-in the plunger into the pot again. Let it sit just above the coffee and water. Let it remain of 3-4 minutes
  • Apply some steady pressure to press down the plunger.
  • Wash the pot with detergent and water after usage and dry it.

What Coffee Do You Use for French Press

You already know how well the combination of coarsely ground coffee and the French press is. But it’s not as simple as it seems. If your coffee grains are not perfect, it may end up making the coffee chewy and bitter. In that case, relying on a well-made branded coffee is the safest option.

Now you’re wondering which brand can be a safe option to choose. We’ll suggest some A-1 brands. Don’t worry!

Lifeboost Coffees Medium Roast

If you don’t prefer compromising with your health, put your hands on Lifeboost Coffees Medium Roast. They’re ideal for French presses. The medium and balanced roast of the brand assures aromatic and flavorful taste.

From the Nicaraguan mountains, Lifeboost coffees provide you some strong brew. Now drinking a nicely brewed coffee will no more be the reason for acidity. This coffee brand assures low acidity. They have hand-selected each coffee beans for your pleasure.

Coffee Bros. Medium Roast

No matter which brewing method you’re into, Coffee Bros. can provide the freshness. If you search for the exact freshness in your daily coffee cup, Coffee Bros. Medium Roast can be your buddy.

Coffee Bros. features a sealed bag and a degassing valve that maintains the quality constantly. You will get to taste the same brew over and over with it. Even though this brand offers several brews, we’d like to suggest you medium roast.

The best factor about Coffee Bros. is its affordability. This brand has proven that you don’t need to spend a lot of riches for a perfect French press coffee. It won’t pinch your pocket much.

Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee

Does medium roast seem too light for you? Are you a dark roast coffee lover? Then Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee can be a splendid choice for your fresh press to prepare coffee. It has 100% Arabica Coffee beans from Brazil, Sumatra, and Colombia. You’ll get to taste some spicy flavors in these coffee beans.

Customer satisfaction is the priority of Koffee Kult. They check and choose the coffee beans through a painstaking process. The rich aroma and confounding taste of this dark roast coffee will blow your mind. This coarsely ground coffee won’t crush into smaller pieces when you prepare your coffee.

Stone Street 

Stone street single-origin Arabica coffee is another great option you can go for. The company collects its coffee from worlds one of the well-grown regions. Even though most of the coffee geek prefer Stone Street for cold brewing, the French press suits well also.

If you’re a bold brew admirer, Stone Street will make you fall in love with it. Rich and bold brew along with sweet taste makes it an unforgettable combination. These Colombian coffee beans are 100% coarsely ground. Which makes the brand an A-1 choice for your heated French press.

Death Wish Strong Coffee

For those who can’t go without a strong drink, Death wish can be their fuel. The dual of Death Wish Strong Coffee and French is out of the world! The name of the brand signifies how energetic the coffee can be.

If you’re a dark brew lover and you don’t know how to French press, you can start with This top-grade brand has handpicked every coffee bean and roasted them strong. You no longer have to scour for some high-caffeine coffee shots here and there. Set the French press brew time and enjoy Death Wish Strong Coffee.

How to Make Perfect French Press Coffee

How to Make French Press

There are myriads of ways to geek out over a coffee mug. But all we want is perfect for coffee. No other drink can beat the feeling of a hot, nicely brewed mug of coffee in the morning.

If any coffee lover comes up with a request to suggest them and inexpensive yet nice type of coffee, we mention ‘French press coffee’.  A French press coffee is something that can be your cheap thrill. Let’s learn how to make yourself one.

1. Measure the coffee grains

Take ½ cup of roasted coffee grains and 4 cups of (32 ounces) water for preparation. It’s okay to take cold water. Take 1 cup of coffee beans if you’re making 8 cups.

2. Grind the coffee grains

Bring out your burr grinder for grinding the coffee grains. Choose the coarsest setting for grinding the beans. Take out your blade grinder and grind in brief, sharp pulses. Pause for a couple of seconds for giving it a shake. Grind your coffee rough and coarse. But they have to be even in size. Then pour the ground coffee into the French press.

3. Boil the water and cool it for a minute

Take a kettle and boil the cold water. Take off the boiling water and let it cool down for a minute. As we’ve mentioned before, maintain the water temperature for French press coffee. You can use a thermometer for checking the temperature.

4. Pour the water into the French Press

Star adding 4 cups of boiled water into your French Press.

5. Stir the brew rapidly

At this point, you have to stir the brew in a left-right motion swiftly.

6. Let it steep

To make yourself a strong brewed coffee let the coffee steep for 4-5 minutes. That’s an ideal French press brew time. The taste and dept of your brew will vary depending on your steeping period.

7. Press the Plunger

The moment the timer goes off, tap the plunger immediately. Drink the French press coffee immediately for the best pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Words

In this article, we’ve chronicled everything about French press coffees without besting the bush. Directions for the French press isn’t very hard to figure out if they’re appropriate. But misleading directions can ruin your whole pleasure.

We’ve tried our best to inform you about the most basic and detailed facts at the same time. We hope that it will help you while French pressing. By skimming this article, you can master how to make French press. In this article, we’ve chronicled everything about French press coffees without besting the bush.

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