How to Measure Coffee – The Ultimate Guide

Making a nice cup of coffee is no less than an art. Who doesn’t like a nicely brewed coffee in the morning, right? But brewing a cup of coffee that kicks in some energy isn’t that easy. Now you know why the coffee experts praise it so highly! The secret of their perfect coffee brew lies in the ratio of the coffee beans they use. 

Maximum coffee machines available in the market use an algorithm to balance the coffee-water ratio in a cup of coffee. As a result, it tastes a bit watery and bitter. And you don’t want to ruin your day drinking a machine-brewed coffee, no?

That’s why we’re here to teach you how to measure coffee for a nice cup of caffeine fantasy!

What Are Coffee Scales?

If you’re struggling to prepare yourself perfectly brewed coffee, coffee scales will work like blessings for you. Coffee scales ease your job of anticipating the coffee-water ratio. You no longer have to guess the coffee bean ratio if you’ve got coffee scales. 

No matter if you’re going to make an American Espresso or A French press coffee, coffee scales help you with exactness. Using a cup or a spoon for measuring coffee beans will turn your coffee into a bizarre. You’ll end up having an over-extracted or under-extracted cup of coffee. Coffee scales assist you to figure out the amount of coffee per cup. 

Why is The Appropriate Amount Necessary?

An appropriate amount of coffee is the key to the best coffee experience. Even if you use grounded coffee or beans, the right ratio can change the game. Even if you make a mistake with the water temperature, boiling time, it won’t affect the taste as much as the coffee ratio will. 

The taste of your coffee greatly boils down if you use too much coffee beans in it. Before making yourself a cup of coffee measure the coffee beans. Otherwise, you’ll end up drinking some coffee with a bitter and salty taste. In your 9 to 5 busy life, use a coffee scale for perfect measurement. Whenever you’re running late for breakfast, coffee scales will save you from a wrong coffee serving size. 

Understanding Brew Ratios

The brew ratios let you understand the coffee-water ratio in a cup of coffee. But it has nothing to do with coffee cup measurement. If you want a good kick in the very first sip of the coffee, concentrate on the brew ratio. The amount of coffee grounds per cup follows a ratio chart. It can be 1:15,1:16,1:17 etc. 

It means you need 1 part of coffee with 15/16/17 part of water to quench your caffeine cravings. Here, the 1:15 ratio means 20g of grounded coffee or beans with nearly 300 gm of water. 

There are several ways of using a coffee ratio. We’ll tell you about two of them. 

  1. Take some coffee beans and determine how much coffee you want to brew. For example, you’ll need 15 parts of water for 20 gm coffee powder. To measure the exact amount of water required for the coffee, multiply 20 gm with 15. That makes 300gm. It means you need 300 gm water for brewing 20 gm coffee. Use a coffee scale to pour 20 gm coffee into the brewing machine. Continue pouring water unless you end up pouring 300gm. 
  2. The other method lets you define the amount(grams) of coffee you want to make. Divide it with the ratio of water you’ll need for knowing the required amount of coffee. If you want to make a 15-brew coffee using 300 gm water, divide 300 by 15 for getting the exact amount of coffee you may need. 

If you find these calculations baffling to execute, you can go for a coffee ratio calculator. It’ll assist you to look for the right kind of coffee ratio for you. You can also follow a coffee measurement chart for extra convenience. You can just add scoops of coffee into boiling water and expect it to turn into a worth-every-penny drink!

How to Measure Coffee Using A Scale

How to Measure Coffee

Weigh is the ultimate option to measure the amount of coffee. There are several ways to measure the amount of coffee. We suggest you buy a digital coffee scale for accuracy.

But not all of them are accurate. Coffee scoops to water ratio vary depending on the roasting technique, variety, and size. 

We’ve comprehended about weighing the coffee using a coffee scale below- 

  • Keep the scale on an even surface and switch it on.
  • Place the container or jar into the scale that you want to use.
  • Push the start button. That’ll set the scale to zero.
  • Keep the exact amount of coffee in the jar that you desire to use.
  • Try to be very neat and precise

It’s better to refrain from going for coffee grounds per cup. Most of the cheap coffee machines offer coffee that has a sloppy taste. Relying on the coffee pot measurements isn’t a great choice if you’re craving for some nice caffeine kick. Digital coffee scales are far more precise than coffee maker measurements. 

But if you don’t have a coffee scale and it’s an emergency, you can follow the “Golden Ratio”. In this method, you have to take exactly 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds per cup of water. Of course, you have the privilege to custom the number of coffee beans. But this amount of coffee grounds per cup yields rich flavor. 

Why Should You Measure Coffee Using A Scale?

For a very long time, people relied on tablespoons to make their daily cup of coffee. But none can deny the value a coffee scale adds to the texture of a coffee cup. Like every other dry ingredient in the kitchen, coffee has a lot to do with its weight. 

If you take some beans of coffee, you’ll notice that every bean has a different size, shape, and weight. They’re never uniform, right? So, if someone tells you to take 10 beans to make some coffee, every 10 beans will make cups of coffee with different strengths. Luckily, we’ve got coffee scales for perfect measurement and uniform taste. Nothing can beat a coffee scale in quenching your cravings for a nice brew. 

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Here in this article, we’ve brought to you the perfect way of measuring coffee without hassle. Most of the articles on the internet misguide you or come up with confusing information. But we’ve done painstaking research and talked to many coffee experts for appropriate guidance. We hope that this article lets you learn how to measure coffee.

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